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Milan Serie A 2024-2025 Fixtures

The schedule for the 2024-2025 Serie A season has been released. The season starts the weekend of August 18 and ends the weekend of May 25 2024. Once again, Lega Serie A has done away with the short Christmas break. The new Champions League format coming into effect this following season has an eight game “league phase” format which means more midweek games into January 2025, Serie A itself will only have one midweek fixture, in October.

Thea season starts versus Torino with the Milan derby at week 5 and 23. The preseason gathering and start of the Fonseca era is set for July 8th.

Past Matches Series

Milan 3-0 Napoli

February 28 2011

Ibra 49’
Boateng 77’
Pato 80’

On the way to winning the 2010-2011 Scudetto Milan beat Napoli in a San Siro classic.

AC Milan Banking on Youth: Can Youngsters Fill Veteran Void?

When AC Milan clinched the Champions League for the seventh time; they were termed as one of Europe’s best clubs. The present situation of the club is knotty because it lacks experienced heads like Zlatan Ibrahimović and Gianluigi Buffon who served as leaders for the team. Their hope now lies in young talents who are expected to revive the past glory. However, can these raw stars step into the shoes left by departing veterans and propel them upwards?

The Changing of the Guard

AC Milan started to focus more on young talent several years ago. Financial constraints forced them to change their transfer policy and concentrate on signing promising youngsters rather than established professionals. The move paid off immediately: Rafael Leão, a 23-year-old Portuguese winger, broke into the limelight last season by scoring 11 goals and making six assists in Serie A (2022/23). His speed, ability to beat opponents with the ball at his feet, and nose for goal have endeared him to supporters – not to mention providing an important attacking option.

Another rising star is Sandro Tonali, who plays as a defensive midfielder and is 22 years old. His reading of the game, passing range and calmness under pressure have seen him likened to Italy legend Andrea Pirlo. The player shields his back four well but can also launch attacks from deep with incisive distribution.

Teams of young people who play for Milan have always been known for their enthusiasm, and now more than ever, that is a good sign for the future of the Rossoneri. However, it is not just limited to those in the first team- there has already been some breakout talent shown this season like defensive player Pierre Kalulu (22), who can play any position along the backline, Ismael Bennacer (24) with box-to-box capabilities as well as 21-year-old forward Charles De Ketelaere from Club Brugge which was signed last summer transfer window hailed by many futurists around Europe’s football fraternity as one among upcoming stars.

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Experience vs Exuberance

We know that experience counts for a lot – the seasoned pros bring leadership qualities that are vital at different stages throughout games, but especially so when under pressure. Zlatan Ibrahimović motivated his teammates with loud-mouthed bravado while shouldering all expectations placed upon him in his role as captain; meanwhile, Gianluigi Buffon provided world-class goalkeeping cover over many years, thus enabling calmness within matches themselves.

Nonetheless, reliance on aged heads alone could prove detrimental towards advancement; physical decline coupled with an inflexibility regarding new systems being implemented due to their, shall we say, ‘more advanced’ age might not bode well for any side wanting progression domestically or continentally speaking – this is where youth steps up its benefits game come into play. The injection of young blood offers up a fresh approach that, if harnessed correctly, has potential beyond measure.

Building Unity

The Rossoneri need to find the right mix between these two schools of thought; too much in either direction will never work out well. The former should be typified by technical ability and speed, while the latter takes charge of organization – more experienced heads guiding younger legs so they don’t burn themselves too fast.

Fortunately for them, there are still some old heads around at ‘I Rossoneri.’ Among others, Olivier Giroud will offer mentorship to young strikers, having joined the club from Chelsea, where he was mainly used as a substitute last season following his international retirement post-EURO 2020 at age 36 years, while Ciprian Tatarusanu provides an able deputy behind Mike Maignan prior capturing four caps during Romania’s recent successful CONMEBOL World Cup qualification bid aged 37.

‘The Road Ahead’

AC Milan must make sure that their revolution filled with young talents happens during the 2023/2024 season. Serie A is known to be very difficult because this is where traditional powerhouses like Inter Milan, Juventus, and Napoli compete; they always fight for the Scudetto every year. Not to mention the Champions League, which sees top teams from different European countries play against each other frequently.

There will be no instant success. Along the way, there will be setbacks, moments where the young players’ lack of experience is revealed. All the same, Milan must sustain a vision. It will be necessary to give these youth regular game time, let them make and learn from their own mistakes, and instill in them a thirst for victory.

There are positive early indications. In the 2022/23 season, AC Milan finished as runners-up in the Serie A, narrowly losing out to Inter Milan for the championship. This feat achieved by predominantly young players shows the promise of a new era. The AC Milan club has made a bold move by deciding to invest in youth development, which is something that should be hailed. It is, however, filled with a lot of uncertainties, but it also holds much hope. The club could end up producing a team that not only dominates locally but also internationally for years if they are able to nurture their young talents and mix them with experienced players. The anxious fans from Milan can only sit back and hope that someday soon, their children shall bring back the days of glory.

Season Finale : Milan – Salernitana

Milan – Salernitana May 25 2024 20:45CET

As it turns out Milan will finish this somewhat anticlimactic season against a last placed team that is Salernitana. With second place secured earlier last week’s 3-1 loss to Torino only served to highlight the defensive woes that have plagued Pioli’s Milan. With the knowledge that the coach’s day are numbered it seemed that any possible fixes were abandoned a Torino ran away relatively easy winners.

The new coach, rumored to be ex-Roma boss Paulo Fonseca, will have to stabilize the shape of the team. The Portuguese coach’s name has been one of many arguably underwhelming names linked and his arrival will not set a new excitement mark, but more on summer plans later as they happen.

Pioli is not the only one to be receiving a farewell at the San Siro. Giroud confirmed his departure to MLS’ LAFC earlier and Kjaer will also leave Milan. All three deserve a fond goodbye with one delivering a much hoped for Scudetto, the other for breaking the number 9 curse and finally the Danish veteran for providing leadership at the back.

As for this game Maignan’s almost continuous injury woes has put his Milan future in some question. Will Gerry Cardinale and management contemplate one big sale in the French goalkeeper or perhaps Theo. Time will tell. Sportiello will start in goal in any case. Kjaer might get a farewell start but Gabbia and Tomori are the likeliest defenders to start alongside Calabria and Theo. The middle three is set to be Bennacer, Adli and Reijnders but Pioli could decide to give Musah another start. Upfront Leao will regain his starting spot that had been lost for unknown reasons. Giroud should get the farewell start and Pulisic can consider his Milan debut season a big success with another start at right wing.

The disappointing Salernitana are led once again by Stefano Colantuono. He is the the team’s third coach of the season after Paulo Sousa and Pippo Inzaghi failed to get the team going.

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Week 37: Torino – Milan

Torino – Milan Saturday May 18 2024 20:45CET

A changed lineup with Hernandez and Leao on the bench managed to rout Cagliari 5-1 and the subsequent Juventus tie with Salernitana ensured second place for this 2023-2024 Serie A season. Champions League places, now that Serie A has five spots, was confirmed earlier and now Milan know their place in the newly expanded to four team Super Coppa. In other words there is nothing to play for this week and the next week in the final game of the season. Some hopes for primavera or youth team members like Kevin Zeroli or the likes of Francesco Camarda being given a chance will likely not really materialize except for few substitute minutes. The latter is in apparent contract dispute with the team and his Milan future is not set in stone.

Maignan is expected to stay on the bench and there are whispers of a sale as well. Whether the team needs or will do a Tonali type sale in the summer remains to be seen and if so Maignan could be the man. Sportiello will start in goal. Gabbia has accumulated yellow and it is therefore a Tomori, Thiaw center back pairing with Kalulu and Hernandez the possible full backs. A 4-3-3 is expected with three of Musah, Bennacer, Reijnders and Adli. Leao may remain on the bench, a questionable move perhaps. Okafor is set to start in Portuguese’s place with Giroud and Pulisic up front. Chukwueze will miss the final two games of the season with the team suffering yet another muscular injury absence.

The focus is on finding a Pioli replacement with many underwhelming names linked. The team is set to make an early off season decision on the coach’s replacement.

Torino’s Ivan Juric is set to leave the team having been in charge since 2021. Torino sit exactly in the middle of the table with a shot at a Conference League qualification spot.

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Week 36: Milan – Cagliari

Milan – Cagliari Saturday May 11 2024 20:45CET

Week 35’s 3-3 tie versus Genoa extended Milan’s winless streak to six matches. It cemented the need for a new coach. Leading 3-2 Pioli opted to bring on Thiaw in Chukwueze’s place, the fact that the German’s own goal tied the score minutes later highlighted the issue. This type of sub also further confirmed the necessity for new thinking. If a new coach, Porto’s Sergio Conceicao being the latest ‘hot’ candidate, brings that remains to be seen. If not his tactics the Portuguese coach’s temperament is at least questionable.

It is are somewhat surprising, if reports are to be true, that Pioli will use a much changed starting 11. Opting for a possible 4-3-3 without Calabria, Theo, Tomori and Leao is even more so. Kalulu, Thiaw, Gabbia and Florenzi in front of Sportiello is the predicted back line. Musah, Reijnders and Bennacer forming a middle three is at least good to try and against a 15th placed team perhaps might yield a positive outcome. Sports papers go on to report a possible front three of Chukwueze, Giroud and Pulisic. The latter American has not often played the left wing during his Milan career. Loftus-Cheek, Maignan and Kjaer remain on the injured list but may be all ready for week 37.

Cagliari have not won in four games and sit only three points above the relegation spot occupied by Udinese.

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Week 35: Milan – Genoa

Milan – Genoa Sunday May 5 2024 18:00CET

Week 34’s match against Juventus was not a great advertisement for Italian nor did Milan shine in any shape for form. The 0-0 draw was widely noted as a boring uneventful match. The 2023-2024 season is ending in a sort of anticlimactic way with only second pace to play for. Juventus can catch Milan and take over second spot but it won’t matter all that much. Next season’s new Champions League format has already guaranteed the Serie A five spots, up from four, and even if that was in question the danger would be lower.

The rest of the season’s biggest drama is likely to be the search for Piuoli’s successor. So far mostly unimpressive names have mentioned but it is too early to be sure if the choice will be high profile or not. A lot will depend on Gerry Cardinale’s ambition and willingness.

In the warm up for the aforementioned Juveutus match Maignan injured himself and Sportiello deputized well. The Italian will start again versus Genoa. Calabria will serve the second of his two match ban but since Hernandez is back from suspension Pioli won’t have to use Musah at the back. Florenzi and Hernandez will play alongside Tomori and Gabbia. It looks like bennacer and Reijnders will be used the rest of the way with Adi on the bench. Loftus- CHeek is not 100% and this will move Pulisic to the attacking midfield role and Chukwueze to the wing. Leao will start on the left with the departing Giroud playing up front in one of his final Milan games.

Genoa feature the familiar name of Messias on their squad but the Brazilian is out injured. Il Grifone are coached by Gilardino of course and despite his team being only 12th in the standings he is gaining fans for his coaching.

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Week 34: Juventus – Milan

Juventus – Milan Saturday April 27 2024 18:00CET

The derby unfolded as some feared. Milan looked unconvincing at best and the tactics, notably starting Leao as a more central striker, did not work as many expected too. Some late urgency added little to the saddening and even humiliating sight of Inter winning the Scudetto in front of Milan fans. Pioli’s future brought into more question has perhaps been sealed now. Some of the supposed replacement choices look to be questionable but that’s for later.

The manner in which the derby ended exposed another Milan weakness. Theo got involved with Denzel Dumfries again and will be suspended for this week 34 match at Juventus. Calabria’ elbow hit on Davide Frattesi was reckless and has handed the right back a two game suspension. To top it off Tomori’s yellow makes him the third player to miss this clash with the third placed team. Kjaer and Kalulu’s absence means that Gabbia and Thiaw are the only two available center backs. Florenzi and Musah are set to play left and right back respectively. Terracciano remains an option at full back. Bennacer and Reijnders will start in front the back four. Leao, Loftus-Cheek and Pulisic will start behind Giroud. The latter is on his way to LAFC of the MLS and his departure will kick the search for a new (young) striker into high gear.

Juventus are going their own version of league struggles with only one Serie A win since the beginning of March. However the gap between the two teams is only five points and if Milan want to keep the second place race secure points are needed.

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Week 33: Milan – Inter

Milan – Inter Monday April 22 2024 20:45CET

A winning run has been interrupted by two European losses to Roma and a mediocre tie versus relegation candidates Sassuolo. These results have soured the Pioli stay expectations to the point that his summer departure is all but confirmed. On the eve of a derby where Inter can clinch the Scudetto with a win it seems that Milan are already close to choosing Pioli’s successor. Many names have already floated by the media, most not exciting, but it would be a surprise if a selection is indeed imminent as claimed by a few.

As for this game itself it is important that the players themselves realize that allowing Inter a celebration on Milan’s turf, this being a home game, would be nothing short of humiliating. Pioli’s mostly predictable line up and formation may not hold much of a surprise for Simone Inzaghi’s Inter and that has proven stubborn, naive and dangerous. Recent derbies have been one of the main showcases of Pioli’s weaknesses as coach.

There is a central defender shortage as Thiaw managed to get a yellow cards suspension at Sassuolo. Kalulu is still out and Kjaer is struggling with a knock. This leaves Gabbia and Tomori as certain starters. Simic would be an option but he is doing well with the primavera and has led Abate’s men to the UEFA Youth League final – where they will meet Olympiacos. Maignan is in goal and Calabria and Hernandez will be the full backs. Some uncertainty exists in the midfield as Bennacer has a chance to start despite less than good form. Adli could start and his passion for the cause has been greater than most. Reijnders is the other likely starter. Pulisic, Loftus-Cheek and Leao plus Giroud should be the starting front line leaving no space for Chukwueze. The latter has been gaining momentum but it remains to be seen if Pioli is willing to tweak his starting 11.

Inter, as mentioned on their way to the title, are a relatively healthy squad with only Juan Cuadrado on the sidelines. The Colombian is set to leave Inter at the end of the season.

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