New 48000 Capacity Stadium

Updated July 8 2015
After delays and doubts the foundation (Fondazione Fiera) administering the land in the Portello district of Milan declared Milan’s offer the winner. Milan had offered more for the land lease and raised their offer recently for the 50 year agreement required. The team can soon begin to start building the stadium in the area that is near the Casa Milan team headquarters. The target of having it ready for the 2018-19 season seems ambitious but if the money and clearance hurdles are overcome it looks possible.

The new AC Milan stadium

The new AC Milan stadium

Milan have unveiled plans to build a new 48000 capacity “urban” stadium in the Portello area of Milan. The hope – if all land issues are soon resolved – is to have it ready for the 2018-19 season. Arup, the firm also responsible for Munich’s Allianz Arena among others, is working with the team to make a modern stadium that fits well with its urban surroundings.

More details have been released about the stadium. It has a block look, pitch level is below ground and sound absorbing technology will be used to minimize the noise impact on the city. Environmental considerations will also be a priority with solar panels and rainwater collection a centerpoint of the design. Being inside the city it will be easily accessible via public transit. The total cost is going to be around €300 million including the commercial buildings around the stadium.

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