Modern Football Games

Jurgen Klopp is of curse know for the so called “Gegenpressing” and the fast transitions and regaining position as fast as possible. His time at Liverpool has been an unequivocal success and he has brought back the trophies to Anfield. The 2020-2021 season has been unlike any other every team can expect injuries and unpredictability.

A feature of the game that is more common than it should be is that teams who dominate the ball and possession can tend to over do and when facing a team not too interested in keeping the ball fail to find the net. There are teams who park the bus and on purpose stand back with defensive line(s) and let team dominate the middle third. Pep Guardiola’s earlier teams are one more famous example.

On December 27th Liverpool hosted 19th placed West Bromwich Albion. Sam Allardyce had become The Baggies manager after days earlier they had fired Slaven Bilic. The infamous relegation rescuer (Crystal Palace, Sunderland, Bolton, etc) of course doesn’t care much about the so called continental tactics and lines up to stifle the opposition.

The said game finished 1-1 but a look at the game statistics tells much of one needs to know. With 78% possession Liverpool managed only 2 shots on goal while West Brom had more shots on goal in less than a third of the ball. Liverpool had over twice the touches on the ball, at 981 to 404. Plus Liverpool had only a 10 to 7 margin in dispossessions.

Modern football in stark action.

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