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Full Version: AC Milan vs Barcelona (28th March, 2012)
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We don't deserve to score with this shit forward play nothing get a chance and still nothing
Oh god Bonera CB
Ins't Zambro available? Why Mesbah?
We are offering nothing going forward now absolutely nothing it deeply saddens me.
Our players are kicking the ball away?!? We're actually happy with a draw?!? Disappointing...
Going forward has been very poor, partly Ibra and mids, partly injuries and wrong subs (Emanuelson and in particular Shaarawy didn't work out at all)
Hello all, first post Smile

Mesbah is such a disaster, is kind of funny. He almost made the same mistake that gave Arsenal a PK.

Bring back Pato or let's buy Tevez. Ibra can play his wages off in Serie A.
Whatever has happened with Bonera and Antonini no one change it. Diet, the water, whatever Big Grin
0-0 Not awful at all. Although we really had the best chances.

This game we showed unbelievably solid defense. Antonini & Bonera looked like Stars tonight, Great Job.

I think Ibra showed he's weak in big games, as usual. And finally, Urby & Mesbah should leave in June. They're just not cut out for our team. Mesbah, in particular is probably the worst player to ever play for Milan since 1899. Urby is not good enough to play ACM, and his first touch is awful, something not allowed for that position.

Going to be very tough to draw in Nou Camp, but then again we you never know...
At least, the result is acceptable.
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