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Full Version: Summer 2015 Stay or Go: Goalkeepers
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Vote now, post reasons too!
I made a mistake. I actually wanted to vote for all 3 of them. Big Grin

Reason...Lopez is the undesputed starter. Abbiati may be getting old but he's a good and experienced back up to play a couple games when needed. Agazzi is more then good enough for 3rd choice. He probably won't get a game at all and that's fine with me. I think we should leave Gabriel at Carpi to keep growing as there is no sense of him sitting on the bench.

This is one department where we don't really need to change anything this summer. Not sure what Agazzi makes...and of that's too much for a 3rd GK then get rid of him. But the GK position one one where really we don't need a youngster to sit on the bench so it's better that Agazzi or someone like him does it.
I feel that this department should have the least controversy, though I would expect no consensus.

Lopez is the player of the season; without him we seriously could be fighting for relegation. I don't think anyone would be dumb enough to let him go, and he should be good for a few more seasons. As for Abbiati, I think he will stay and should stay as our quality 2nd keeper, or the 3rd keeper if we have some really promising young keeper (Gabriel?).

I just don't rate Agazzi. I remember him having a very good game this season (I forgot when; was it an official game or was it just the second half against Real Madrid?), but I would rather we promote some youngster as our 3rd keeper eyeing on the future. Truth being told, I am okay with Agazzi either staying on or leaving.
1st gk should be lopez
3rd either abbiati or agazzi
2nd should be a youngster
Surprised that so few people want to keep Abbiati. DevilcoolSagrinDevilsmokeDevilconfusedDevilumpf
Abbiati? Galliani will sell Lopez and bring back Gabriel.

In fact, I heard that Roma is interested in Diego Lopez. Would Galliani be that dumb?
(05-20-2015, 03:25 PM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]In fact, I heard that Roma is interested in Diego Lopez. Would Galliani be that dumb?


Simple and to the point Sagrin
Pirlo went to Juve so why not!
Diego Lopez : He is fine. I have no problems with him, but I would prefer if he either puts a Petr Cech type cap/mask or whatever or he gets some hair transplant. I just don't like people with less hair :/

Abbiatti : No problems him as second choice GK

Don't know much about the 3rd name gk with us. But if we can somehow get Per Cech, then I will be damn happy! Devilcool
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