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Full Version: Summer 2015 Loaned Out Players
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Now please vote and post on which loaned out players should have a future at Milan, for 2015-2016 season (and beyond?)

The list is not all inclusive of course.
I would for sure take Niang back. Gabriel too, if not the next season (hence the "beyond").

I believe that Saponara is a goner. If Matri scored the winner for Juventus in the CL final, I would take him back AND IMMEDIATELY SELL HIM FOR PROFIT. Angry
I chose

Niang: He's shown his quality while out on loan and I think deserves a useful role in the Milan squad.
Saponara: As I said in his thread, I personally like him and really want him to succeed. I agree with Xu though, he looks good as gone.

Gabriel is the only other one who should remain on our books. He's done well this year and I think should be allowed to remain at Carpi another year, giving him first team experiences in Serie A. The rest have no place at Milan.
I voted for Gabriel & Niang.The reason I didnt vote for Sapo is because hes gone.Empoli will take up their option for €4m and prob sell for €8 to €10m
I voted for Niang because he can play in more than one position upfront so he'll get his chance. But I think it'll be better if we loan Gabriel out for another year. Carpi are playing in the serie A and he's their first choice goalie. He'll get much more experience there.
From this list it's Gabriel, Saponara and Niang. But I'd also like Simone Verdi (who's done well this season and was praised highly by Conte) and Fossati (who I think we co-own). Also I'd love to see Gabriel back at Carpi next season, dealing with Serie A football.
niang is a must
vila and noce as a backup
(05-25-2015, 07:12 AM)sylrus Wrote: [ -> ]niang is a must
vila and noce as a backup

you are the only one with that thought... Sagrin
lol i know
if you think bout it, it doesnt sound so bad at all
a backup for backup
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