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Ragazzi, these are a must watch

Rudd's Milan memories-
Desailly's Milan memories-
Thanks, I totally missed this thread as I so rarely visit this area. Here's Football's Greatest Teams by Sky about Milan:
Not a documentary but a great YouTube resource
Thanks, looks like a decent channel
Here. If you feel like crying some...

A must watch for the old skool guys.
(04-01-2018, 12:47 PM)somedevil Wrote: [ -> ]

A must watch for the old skool guys.

Watching this now.  Great stuff
Thanks, been loving the podcast though not seen the show yet
Watched the hour long Golazzo show/documentary and it was really good. It was basically a celebration of Italian football coverage in the UK, which for many (including myself) was a part of my childhood and shaped a lot of my love for the Italian game.

Oddly, my favourite part of the show was an interview with Paul Ince, who got very emotional recounting his time at Inter.
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