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Full Version: The English Premiership
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Just announced: Ancelotti has left Chelsea
I wonder where he would go? I would like to see him at Roma with Pirlo. Smile
Also, is that true that Birmingham will still participate in Europa League despite being relegated?
I think that's true. Both FA and League Cup winners can participate in Europa League.
that must be quite rare though. I remember Inter Merda won 1993-94 UEFA Cup but struggled terribly in Serie A and almost got relegated.

13. Internazionale 31
14. Reggiana 31
16. UDINESE 28
18. LECCE 11

Piacenza, Udinese, Atalanta and Lecce were relegated in Serie B. Inter Merda had only one point more than Piacenza. What a shame. Big Grin
Our old friend Dzeko scored 4 goals at Tottenham today.
Man City and Dzeko is on fire now. I really like Dzeko a lots and always remind me of Andriy Shevchenko. Man city is a mega monster team now . Comparable to Madrid IMO
Oh, poor Arsenal... I want to meet them at 16 teams CL Big Grin
You can't buy Champions League Trophy, but, you can get damn close. Man City is stacked with World Class talent. To think this guy Dzeko wanted Milan (maybe a liar)... but I think he will have a monster year this year, esp with Aguero next to him. How will Man City fit all of their strikers ?? Good thing they sold us Robinho Sagrin


Scary Attack....
City's win has affected MU greatly. MU - Arsenal: 6-1 now.

"What you can do, I can do better!"
Edit: final score 8-2. Now that's what I call gang bang Grinundwech

No wonder Gunners is every neutral's fave team, they simply refuse to play without defender! Haha.

Rooney matured into a great false #9 too in the last two seasons. Looks like it'll be a two horse race this year with Citeh too firing on all cylinders.