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Full Version: A solution for Streams
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I have often seen many people here struggling with steady streams and I thought I'll share my experience.

First of all- web streams suck and if you don't have the right adblocks and anti-malware installed, they can leave a lot of unwanted shit on your system. I tend to avoid them unless they are YouTube, Ustream etc. 

I discovered a new app today (which excited me to make this thread and I'd recommend all of you to try it). I have been watching matches on it all day and love how easy it is. It's called Kodi. (download here allows you to watch anything from Sports to movies to TV shows (accessible via different add-ons). 

For streams- please refer to this tutorial -

The second option I'd recommend is Sopcast.
you can find sopcast streams at which is one of the cleanest stream sites. you can also try as a backup. 

I love Sopcast coz it is HD (mostly), steady and the connection does not drop out (unless you are on a bad connection). 

These two options should pretty much cover it all and hopefully you will not have to panic search for streams right around kick off- Smile
Thanks for sharing. I've heard decent things about Kodi, not tried it yet.
Thanks. Haven't tried it either.
I watch on use the BT Europe link if thats not showing Milan scroll down & choose 1 of 8 links all work.Never fails for me no lagging no cutting out. or and I'm usually covered for any stream that I need. Luckily though I do have bein sports so I don't have to miss a single game.
I have Sportsdevil installed on my kodi. I want to know that can i need any configuration ? I have installed through this guide
I wish we had some legal way of streaming Serie A. I would gladly pay for it. In my country they don't even show it. And They fucking show the Dutch league on some channel which clearly can't afford to pay for bigger leagues. It's Non stop EPL/ La Liga on the sports channels and it's super annoying.
I guess you can buy a Bein subscription...
I thought Star Sports (or a couple of networks) showed Serie A in India?
(02-17-2018, 09:38 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]I thought Star Sports (or a couple of networks) showed Serie A in India?

Star sports has tons of channels. They all show cricket, EPL, La Liga. Coz why show Juve vs Lazio when they can show West Brom vs Stoke City.
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