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Full Version: Champions League 2015/2016 |Match Results
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Champions League 2015/2016 Groups:

Group A: Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Shakhtar, Malmo

Group B: PSV, Manchester United, CSKA Moscow, Wolfsburg

Group C: Benfica, Atletico Madrid, Galatasaray, Astana

Group D: Juventus, Manchester City, Sevilla, Borussia Monchengladbach

Group E: Barcelona, Bayer Leverkusen, Roma, BATE

Group F: Bayern Munich, Arsenal, Olympiacos, Dinamo Zagreb

Group G: Chelsea, Porto, Dynamo Kiev, Maccabi Tel-Aviv

Group H: Zenit, Valencia, Lyon, Gent

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UEFA Champions League |September 15, 2015,September 16, 2015
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Group A: 
PSG 2:0 Malmo
Wolfsburg 1:0 CSKA

Group B:
Galatasaray 0:2 Atletico Madrid
PSV 2:1 Man United

Group C:
Real Madrid 4:0 Shakhtar
Benfica 2:0 Astana

Group D:
Man City 1:2 Juventus
Sevilla 3:0 Gladbach

Group E:
Bayer Leverkusen 4:1 BATE
Roma 1:1 Barcelona

Group F:
Dinamo Zagreb 2:1 Arsenal
Olympiacos 0:3 Bayern Munich

Group G:
Dynamo Kiev 2:2 Porto
Chelsea 4:0 Maccabi Tel-Aviv

Group H:
Valencia 2:3 Zenit
Gent 1:1 Lyon

UEFA Champions League | September 29, 2015,September 30, 2015