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Full Version: Week 15: Carpi - Milan (Sunday, December 6 - 20:45 CET)
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(12-06-2015, 09:21 PM)ACM1899 Wrote: [ -> ]Cerci starts over Honda still?

Cerci's control of the ball is amateurish.
Niang held on to ball too long before pass to bacca
Cerci has gone back to full retard mode! But he is followed closely by the entire team today! How do we forget to pass the ball in a week. Our passing was so crisp against Sampdoria. Today we look like a Serie C team trying to control and pass the ball.
Yes, he held the ball....but he was just trying to draw the defender in a bit more. NO EXCUSE Bacca should be in an offside position there. He has been absolutely terrible!
A half to forget.
If the consistency and discipline to get 3 points from Carpi is missing we are very behind on a return to the top 3
I feel like we improved quite a bit though. Towards the end of the half, we were attacking regularly, with Carpi defending and hoping to hit us on the counter.
Second half's start like first half's start, we are throwing away points.
Terrible game so far ... We need the 3 points, and it could be a good thing for the confidence of our players to win such a crappy game (1-0 at the 89th minute for example) !!
The only player who tries to play football tonight is Niang ... All the others just send long balls, which helps Carpi to defend !!
May be it's just me, but Romagnoli in this game is always taking the position to impede the attacker. Disappointing to not use more skill.
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