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Full Version: Week 15: Carpi - Milan (Sunday, December 6 - 20:45 CET)
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Honda and Adriano on asap together or minutes apart
Adriano for Cerci
Ok now Honda next. For montolivo
This game should highlight just how necessary it is for us to get a good winger in the mercato. Cerci is about as hit and miss as a player can possibly get. You just never know what you can get out of this guy game to game. One week he looks like a star, next game, he plays like a Serie B bench player. We need someone with more dribbling skills and consistency.
God we're frustrating
Have had our share of FKs, need to convert
Nice shot asshole
I know there is a lot of people that don't support Honda anymore but this is a joke. What we have isn't working today, why wait until 80+ min to put him in
Almost a goal, but this is too little too late kind of thing now
Penalty on Luiz Adriano ... but the referees are blind.
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