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Full Version: Hello from an Italian supporter
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Hello everybody,
my name is Luca, I'm 30, I'm Italian and I'm a huge Milan supporter since I was 6.
I'm here firstly because I'm really interested in sharing my opinions with supporters from other countries and cultures, and secondly 'cause I need to improve my English and writing here may be a great informal and fun exercise (ah, I apologise for the language mistakes I am making... please, feel free to correct me here and in the other topics... I would really appreciate your help!).
I'm a teacher and a project manager, with a deep passion for writing: two years ago I published the unofficial biography of Shevchenko, and I presented the book with the journalists Tiziano Crudeli and Luca Serafini. The title is "Il mio Sheva", edited by Urbone Publishing.

I'm sure I'll enjoy my time here... forza Milan!
Welcome Luca, hope you enjoy it here and stick around. Your English sounds good.

Adding a link to your book  Okmilan
Welcome to MM, Luca! Heart
Welcome to MM Luca, hope you enjoy it here. Will be interesting to get more Italian views on the forum. Smile
Benvenuto! Hope you enjoy your time here and it's great to have people in Italy to provide opinions!
Welcome to the forum Luca. Any plans of an English translation of your book ? Smile
(02-17-2016, 07:29 AM)somedevil Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome to the forum Luca. Any plans of an English translation of your book ? Smile

Maybe when my English will be better Smile
Welcome, prebozzio ^^
Welcome Luca!

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