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Full Version: Matchday 1: Milan - Torino (Sunday, August 21st - 18:00 CET)
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It can;t be without drama.
Yeay, Gomez will play next game
Apart from the final minutes. This was a good performance. And Montolivo was once again hilariously bad. We need a couple of midfielders more. It's a pity about Paletta coz he did pretty well otherwise. I was quite surprised at how well we passed from the back.
Luiz Adriano made the game so complicated within his limited time. First, his foul with less than 100 seconds left gave the ball away to Torino; then, his "clearance" went straight to Milan goal and Donnarumma had to punch it away, which led to all the chaos in the end. seriously, what the fuck? Angry
we are not great MIlann any more ,, back on the time which refere will have courage to wisal penalty agaist us in 94 min :/
Apart of CB duo who didnt perform that well, I guess the 3 infront gave too much space for opponent, also they cant clear and they cant hold the ball longer..
Wasn't Romagnoli responsible for the first two goals? I thought Paletta covered well with Roma but the last two minutes were a mess.
Did Niang get a red card after the game was over? I read some rumor and hope that's not true. We won't have a chance against Napoli without him.
Seems it wasn't a red
I am happy for the 3 points. We were clearly not ready physically. I think this has a lot to do with the USA tour where instead of training on fitness, the team is traveling half of the time and preparing for games.

We looked very disjointed though. There were "holes" everywhere in the team. The field looked so big the entire game. We were never able to compress it and take away the space. We also failed to take control of the game throughout the game. I thought this was going to be a game where we were going to easily control the possession and pin Torino back. Instead, we didn't do that and actually this was a very even and end to end game. Mihajlovic also probably had a lot to do with this, as he is more than aware that our side can't play under his team used every opportunity they had to press our midfield.

As a matter of fact.....this game kind of reminded me of Inzaghi's Milan! Huge spaces between the lines, not pressing at the right time (or ever actually), long balls forward, lacking support, the defensive line being 50 meters away from Bacca at times, etc, etc. Just a bunch of bunch of bunch of problems.

The backline did not get any protection from the midfield and I also thought that Niang and Suso didn't track back nearly enough as they normally should. I am not sure if this is a Montella thing, but if it is, he is going to have to change it quickly. You either make Niang and Suso press the hell out of the opposition with our defensive line being close to the half-way line.....or if not, than you make Niang and Suso get back quickly and protect the fullbacks to form a block of 5. We will not be able to get away by having 7 players behind the ball. We will be in some deep trouble if this is the case.

Individually, I thought Antonelli and Montolivo were beyond bad. This was by far the worst performance I have seen from Antonelli, and I am actually not surprised as he has slowly been getting worse and worse....and even though he was played out of position this summer on the tour, he was terrible, and he seems to continue that form into the season. I think De Sciglio must start the next game at this point.

Montolivo on the other hand.....WHAT! THE! F*cK! WAS! THAT!????? That was such a bad performance, that I really don't even know where to begin. It's very rare that your captain is the absolute worst player on the field......but Montolivo managed that today....quite easily actually!

Romagnoli and Paletta did well imo considering the disjointed lines in front of them. However, they do have to carry some responsibility for keeping the lines close together and compressing the space, which they didn't do. Romagnoli lost his mark on the 1st goal and he should have defended that better. On the second goal, there were way too many problems before Baselli had a chance to run at Romagnoli....but also, just take a notice at Antonelli at that goal....he freaking looked drunk and had no clue where he was going. His jogging around also absolutely infuriates me. It seems like he lack to urgency and intensity to get back at times. So imo, Romagnoli wasn't to blame for that second goal...although he could have maybe done a little better.

All in's great to start with 3 points, especially when Inter lost and Napoli drew. We are going to have to grind some victories this season and get to January in touch with the top spots. Until than, we can hopefully use the next 10 days of the market to add a midfielder or two. I can't believe my eyes how bad Montolivo was today. If Paredes comes, it will be only a matter of time before he kicks Montolivo to the curb. Today's performance was beyond pathetic from our "captain"!
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