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Full Version: Matchday 1: Milan - Torino (Sunday, August 21st - 18:00 CET)
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It is fun to see Mihajlovic Big Grin
Niang misses a sitter after a great pass by Bacca.
Suso ruins the counter-attack with terrible shooting.
Suso seems to play a bit better just behind the front line. He has pretty good vision.

Poor Llajic, stretchered off.
Boye for Ljajic, he pulled a muscle
Oooh good pass Suso to bacca, GK save
Montolivo hands them a counter, can't wait for him to be gone one day
@Reza Seriously, Monti is such a liability. It is the same thing every time with him. He takes his time then makes a mistake.
Barring some isolated incidents, I'd say that we have not been terrible so far in this game. Need some better decision making in the final third though. Getting into good positions but not playing the right ball in the end.
Bacca! 1-0!
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