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Full Version: Matchday 1: Milan - Torino (Sunday, August 21st - 18:00 CET)
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Great pass and then Abate cross, catches Torino defenders
Bacca! Great play.
What a one time cross by Abate!
Bacca 1-0 header from an Abate cross! Optional defending from Torino there lol
So many corners created and none utilized. Yet, the goal arrived when Torino defender snoozed. Big Grin
I think Niang has done well so far. Not perfect, but he's been working hard and Torino are struggling to contain him.
Niang and Suso are both raw and poor at decision making, but with them Milan's offense is just lively.

Wondering if we can bring in a master in the midfield, can both talents be capitalized to the fullest..
Well well well, it's nice we can actually punish teams for their mistakes instead of wasting glorious chances all the time...
Niang is using his body and speed excellently. He is turning and burning the defenders. As always, it seems to be decision making with the ball at his feet.
Bacca is so clumsy in counter attack. Good thing that he scored a goal today.
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