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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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That would be our bigest reinforcement in january mercato. Just to get rid of him.
So Raiola is already looking to by a new villa with the bonus of selling Donnaruma, I read that he has put a price on him (170m). It is a such a disappointing moment when you have such a talent and an bloodsucking scum of an agent!!!
Montolivo for 10M? There shouldn't even be a debate about whether we should do it or not. Milan management should go to Milanello right now and pack his bags for him. Hell, send him there right now to train, nevermind January.
I hate Mino Raiola... Thinks with his wallet, does not care about the players interests... look at Pogba...

As for Montolivo and Kucka... if we can get 20-23mill from those tow that would be great... use that money plus some more to get Fabregas, but I wouldn't be sending DES the other way.
Godin would also be a good pick up...
Agreed about Bacca, sell him now while we can get the money for him and pick up maybe Zaza? loan with option... might give us the time to find a suitable replacement... As much as I'd love Pierre-Emerrick back, he would cost too much... But would be a great addition to the squad...

We need to keep in mind, despite the fact that we now have the money, we can't fall back to our old ways... We need to look to the future and stop spending big $$ on old players... Yes we need some experience, that's why I'd still splash some cash on Godin, but for the main part, I'd go for the younger option... eg. Aubemeyang over Cavani... that sort of thing
Raiola is your typical agent, prioritizes money over anything else. There are many of them around, and we can't get away from them even if we try. The thing that is kind of interesting to me is why Donna is one of his clients. For the most part, I tend to think Raiola is more of a players agent. He is very good at stroking the egos of his players and make them feel like they are on top of the world even if they suck. As a result, he usually attracts players with massive egos like Pogba, Balo and Ibra. Donna, on the other hand, seems like a really down to earth, old school baller who puts his craft above anything else. The guy doesn't do piercings, tattoos or fancy hair styles. He just wants to play soccer and be great at that. It is kind of a weird association between Donna and Raiola.
Often times, clients of Raiola are just as interested in the big contracts and lavish money-making moves as he is.
Isco said he's fed up being on the bench and if situation doesnt improve, he would consider to leave end of season.
Well isco would be perfect. And any other player we can get from madrid? I want suarez though. But i guess lots of you guys dont like him. Still that guy can make a team look good. Just like ibra did.

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R.Madrid is good at selling so l'd go for cheaper and better options than a Real reject.

Aurier T.Silva Roma Hector
Weigl Tolisso
Anderson Fekir Dembele
M.Dembele of Celtic looks really good to me. Vice Bacca role suits him well.

it looks like B.Monaco decided not to buy Coman, for 20 m euros, he is a bargain. We only don't need starters but also squad depth. Good names for it.