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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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Koziello seems to be a real gem at the moment. I remember we were linked to him last year too.

But I agree with you Dev. I think we need to see how the ones we have here perform before we jump the gun and sign a "Monto replacement", which in a January market is bound to be a panic short term solution anyway.
Some rumor on Chinese sites suggests that Inter Milan has all but secured Darmian, who has recently fallen out of favor with Mourinho.

If true, I would rather that we move for him.
Darmian should come back. Abate and Antonelli have only so much left in them.
I don't think much of Darmian to be honest. He is an average fullback imo. Not better than MDS for example.

That young Dutch fullback from Feyenoord (Karsdorp) impressed me today against France. I saw him for Feyenoord a couple weeks ago and I was impressed, but didn't know what to make of the competition he faced, but the commentators kept saying what an improvement they've seen from the kid. He confirmed his quality today for me. What an attacking fullback. Defending is a little suspect, but hey, he is 21. Also, Grimaldo of Benfica is another ultra attacking fullback (he plays on the left as opposed to Karsdorp who plays on the right) that I really like. Grimaldo reminds me of Serginho. Unreal pace and ability on the ball coming out of the back.

Notice, I didn't talk about these 2 guys' defending as it needs some work....but looking at the fullbacks we have right now, defending is hardly their strong side while in turn they are useless going forward as well. I want to see Calabria given a lot more space in the coming weeks. I am really tired of Abate, MDS, and Antonelli. I hope our scouts are watching the 2 players I mentioned above. It's been a while since I've personally been this impressed with a couple of young fullbacks. Those two are exciting to watch and we wouldn't have to break the bank for them.
A Chinese website claims that Chelsea is very interested in Donnarumma and Romagnoli, and is willing to spend 50 million pounds on each.

For some reason, that reminds me of the dark page of us selling Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva in a package. Sad
Montella: 'Milan don't need Fabregas'

He also said Montolivo is almost irreplaceable.
Seems like he's seriously dellusional and lost every touch with reality.
I hope that was just a smokescreen...
(10-12-2016, 10:46 AM)Arildonardo Wrote: [ -> ]Montella: 'Milan don't need Fabregas'

He also said Montolivo is almost irreplaceable.

Then he should be called Captain Irreplaceable.
Sacchi just said that if someone had milan had listened to him, Dybala probably wouldn't be a Juve player.