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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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(10-12-2016, 10:46 AM)Arildonardo Wrote: [ -> ]Montella: 'Milan don't need Fabregas'

He also said Montolivo is almost irreplaceable.

[Image: dafuq.jpg]

well, at least he said "almost".  Sagrin
Haha yea!

But to be fair, there is no point in stiring the pot at this point. He is pretty much out for the season so no point in saying anything else other than praising the guy.
I was secretly hoping that Donnarumma would take over the captain armband, but I know it is not possible.

Abate, De Sciglio, Antonelli, .... or basically anybody else Big Grin by Milan rule (seniority). Of course, it is worth pointing out though the decision to make Montolivo captain was, in itself, an violation of that seniority rule. Abate has been in Milan since 2003 (iirc).
Abate might not be a good player anymore but he is a good choice for a captain. A sincere guy who cares deeply about the colors.
I dont see any of them as Captain material.The only one that seems to talk a lot on the pitch and demands a great effort and will talk is Bacca from the games I see which is all.Abate DES Antonelli to Jack Romagnoli all seem like followers not leaders.
Seems like we have opened negotiations for Fabregas. In spite of what he's said, I don't think Montella would actually reject a quality player like him. That being said, he probably won't be a replacement for Montolivo, so I would expect us to bring in another midfielder too.
I'm not sure if Cesc still has the legs to play as anchor anymore. Maybe if we wanted to try to play the 4-3-1-2 or a 4-2-3-1 then he could play behind the striker. Not sure if he can still be trusted in a 3 man mf
I think he would be an excellent buy. Still only 29 and I wouldn't judge him based on last season. That entire team struggled last year, while the year before he was great. He had an off year along with the rest of the team and now Conte prefers something else.

Either way, if we do sign him, imo he should be one of the CMs and not the anchor, but not because he doesn't have the legs for it but because I think he is better a little further up the field. I mean, he had 18 assists in the EPL in 14/15. That's incredible. 3 assists in 8 games in the UCL. Even last season, in what was a horrible season for Chelsea, he had 7 assists and 5 goals in the EPL. The guy contributes a lot and has a lot of quality. Like I said, still 29 (until May)...I would say he is still in his prime and has quite a few years at the top ahead of him.

I am very interested to see how Locatelli does with the extended opportunities he gets at least until January. Who knows...maybe we won't have to look for an anchor. After all, it was a very similar situation with Donnarumma and look at us now.....set for the next 15 years...
Fabregas as an anchor in 4-3-3 won't work, I am guessing that's the 'first' reason Montella said what he said about him.
Rumours say we're looking to sign Erik Lamela in January.