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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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Richness in football does bring some degree of haphazardness, I mean if we do really have rich owners I do expect them to buy a few players just because they are expensive, it is inevitable to me. But I hope they do present a plan of course.
If we can continue doing well, at least it will become easier for us to recruit quality players when winter market opens up. Money is useful but I am sure that money alone will not be enough.
Great points guys. Ability to spend money is huge in today's football....but we can not put our youth on the back burner. We need to keep working with our youth systems and keep promoting the best players into the senior squad. From there on, of course, some will not cut it....but we need to give them a chance. No point in paying millions in transfer fees and salaries to "outsiders" just for them to sit on the bench. We might as well use our own as rotation players, develop them, and see where that takes us. 

I would love to get to a point where we only sign 1-2 players per year with this 'ability to spend money'.......and only signing players that can bring proven class quality in the first team. Sure there is going to be some opportunistic signings that will inevitably be rotation players...but on the whole, we should focus on our youth sector to provide this. We must use our funds the right way and we must use our youth system the right way. There is nothing like having your own youth system providing players. There is a sense of belonging. These players simply show more passion and will than anyone else that will come from the outside. These are the values that we must preserve and build on.

Dev, I agree with everything you said.

Edit: I also gotta say....I have been very critical of De Sciglio....but he was exceptional against Juventus. I hope he continues like that. Having said that....I still think we need a LB that can attack superbly. Let De Sciglio and Calabria take care of the RB slot, and get a really attacking LB (a natural left footer).
Football proves time and again that money doesn't build winning teams. Look at Man Utd currently. Their players didn't give a fuck on the pitch yesterday and it was a humiliating win. They have Mourinho, Ibra, Pogba and their team is much better than ours. Yet the way they played yesterday was so bad.
The Chinese surely bring in money to invest, but I hope they do include youth development plan as their priority as well when talking about getting this team back to glorious days.
(10-23-2016, 12:56 PM)Arildonardo Wrote: [ -> ]Sergio Agüero told by Guardiola he can leave Man City. Would be a nice way for our new owners to show they are the real deal.  Devilcool

Replying to myself:  Devilcool
(10-24-2016, 08:10 AM)Arildonardo Wrote: [ -> ]Replying to myself:  Devilcool

I dont mind , he may be convinced with Chinese group's big project after one with Dubai group Smile
would be massive if we manage to get aguero in milan, he can be the next basten or sheva. and bacca can be sold to psg or any other club.
I'm not going to say no to Aguero , but this is exactly where we need to be careful. After all, we already have Bacca for the moment who's been excellent and there are other areas which need reinforcement.

I'm also with nefremo, we need to aim to be in a position where our growth in youth development and purchasing young talents also means that we don't need to buy proven quality too extensively, instead making 1-2 big signings every so often to strengthen areas where we need to improve.

What I don't want is pretty much what Reza said (about rich teams), which is buying players for the sake of it.
imo we do need aguero, bacca age is something we need to consider. while he is still hot and can be sold at a high price we should sell him and replace him with better or the same quality. lapadula imo does not cut it to be the starters, but as backup or rotation i'm okay with him. next is we need someone to replace palleta in a rotational type. and looking at the growth of locatelli i think we should keep montolivo, not because we dont want to replace him, but he can be a good rotational player with locatelli. the 1 where we need serious buy is the bench, we need to add depth to be able fighting in europe. this team is young and can still grow. in 2 years time i'm expecting us to get rid of monto and get the replacement from our youth.

but here is the thing, the chinese will want to make a mark on the club by buying proven stars. and that i think could be aguero or another striker.