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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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Make no mistake that if those investment numbers are true then owners won't wait, they would want to back up their stock market and other stuff soon. What I mean is that IF there is money then it will used more early than later.
Here is the challenge of a new management to continue this current youth policy. You only get two opportunities to make adjustments to your team, the summer and winter mercato. In reality, winter signings are really last resort band aids, and summer signings are the only ones that you can really feel reasonable comfortable that will fit into the team. If we want to give game time to youth, we basically have to make a conscious decision to not sign any big time player for the positions that we want these young players to play. For example, we basically have to say "screw it, we are not signing a registra" to give Locatelli his game time. That is a very bold decision that management has to make without being certain the young talent can perform. Because if the youngsters do not perform well for any reason, injury, pressure, system, etc, then we are screwed. While that is a fine risk for a poor team who doesn't have money to buy anyone good anyway, it is a hard pill to swallow for a rich team with cash to burn.

I agree that continuing on our current path is a good way to go, just saying that the practicality of it is quite a bit more complicated. The exact balance between winning now vs. building for the future is very hard to achieve. That is why teams usually go one direction or the other and not try to do both at the same time.
true, they need to be able to make good use of the youth and also buy players that is important to the team, right in my mind, we do still need midfielder, but not to replace montolivo, rather to replace bona or kucka, they are not young anymore. a striker, a midfield, and a defender. that should be what we aim on the winter and summer mercato. i hope we can buy aguero, eriksen or paredes and bring silva back. on the fullback i am quite certain that ours is enough with calabria, des,, abate, antoneli.
(10-24-2016, 11:47 PM)Rimini Wrote: [ -> ]l watched Keita from RB Leipzig last week. What a BTB player. What a team. All running and pressing hard. l can see them winning Bundesliga in 2-3 years time.

Aguero would be a great signing.

Bellerin Silva Roma Hector/Rodriguez
Verratti Keita
F.Anderson Dembele

That is ridiculous.Totally unrealistic it goes beyond being unrealistic.Thats well north of €300m.I mean if you are just posting that as a joke then say so.Because thats the delusion of a madman
(10-25-2016, 12:08 PM)Jay Crisp Wrote: [ -> ]That is ridiculous.Totally unrealistic it goes beyond being unrealistic.Thats well north of €300m.I mean if you are just posting that as a joke then say so.Because thats the delusion of a madman

Devilol Devilol

Don't beat around the bush Jay, say what you really think! Big Grin
Haha well, not wanting to sound rude or anything....but Rimini only pops up once every few weeks, posts a dream line up, and than disappears. Big Grin
There is always a barrier to play youngster in Serie A. The players coming from Primavera have zero experience since they play only for youth. We have no B team or reserved team. After playing one or two seasons in Primavera, our young players mostly go to Serie C if they are often said to be talented. One two players get chance to play in Serie B but many of them don't get time to play for their development.

Having said that, we need a brave coach that fully support youth development. I really doubt, top coach would play Donarumma or Locatelli like Miha, Brocchi? and Montella? have done. Playing quality players without 100% motivation or experienced players who have nothing more to offer compare to youngster except his exprience could be sign the reclutance of a coach to play young players ahead of experienced ones.

Someplayers could play in Serie A if they get full support from the coach, a support that allows them to make mistakes caused by their inexperience. Like the game vs Juventus. Locatelli did mistakes that could cost us and I am convinced Montella was already aware of this before the game but he did play the player and did not sub him except for the need of the team: defending the 1-0 lead. Players like Cristante (I don't miss him since he prefered to move out that waiting for chance) could be played like Locatelli now.

We have been investing in youth sector for couple of years. There should be young players from our academy we could use at least as backups. I hope Montella is a coach who really cares and supports the development of young players. Top coach I wish for Milan is like Fergie. Very good coach with very good at developing and promoting youngsters (hopefully Montell is too). Again, english clubs have reserved team where the youngters can gain experience from reserved team games. 

If Montella is the right man not only to win the games but also to prepare youngsters for high competitive games, then we could only need 1-2 big name players per season.
(10-25-2016, 12:50 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]Devilol Devilol

Don't beat around the bush Jay, say what you really think! Big Grin

Sounds a bit C**TISH by me.But Im full of love really.
Yesterday it was Milan and Juventus that wanted him. Today, it's Inter. I'm sure all 3 want him, but getting him is another story. I will say though, until this summer I thought there is no way that he is leaving PSG any time soon....but with the way things are going over there, it might be a possibility that he leaves sooner than I thought.

Real has obviously been linked to him for a while, but the transfer ban means that they can't get him, so that rules them out. But surely all other big clubs will jump in. There is no way Italian teams can outbid some of the English ones, especially when it comes to the salary. But if he wants to get back to Italy, than we certainly got a shot.