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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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I also want that fat leech to stay far, far away from Milanello. Unfortunately, he is still the agent of some of our players. I know Donnarumma is one of them, and I believe Abate is as well.

More on Mourinho--he also insisted bringing Falcao to Chelsea last summer despite his terrible shape, injury, and age; he lost the "gamble" miserably in the end. Many were convinced that it was all driven by Jorge Mendes.
Who is Verratti's agent? Maybe we should start signing his players to get on his good side... Big Grin
Both Bellarabi and Julian Brandt were linked today, apparently Mirabelli scouting both. Brandt interests me more if I'm honest. However, it's most likely to be nothing more than players of interest at this point, as it's also been reported that Mirabelli wants to speak to Montella once the sale is completed to see what he feels he needs.
I will lose my mind if Veratti ends up at Inter!!!
Verratti ruled out wanting to leave PSG and even said his agent's comments went too far.

Anyway, we're linked to a bunch of players for January:

Okazaki: Only tentative links so far, I doubt we'll get him
Bellarabi: Seems the most likely, apparently both Mirabelli and Montella like him
Fabregas: Looks unlikely for the moment as he'll probably cost more than we'll want to spend
Badelj: Montella's choice, looks likely to come at some point in the next year
Musacchio: Again, Montella's choice
Hightly doubt Merda will be able to get him, not with them languishing in 12th place...
We look the better prospect in every way, plus money will be coming in for us. Our only competitor will be Juve.

I rate Musacchio and Bellarabi. Okazaki is a humble work horse but I believe he's not that prolific in front of goal, against Italian defenses he'll get pushed off the ball even easier than Honda does. Fabregas has no upside unless he can pull a Pirlo (which I see as unlikely) and I haven't seen Badelj play so no comments on him.

I'd rather we went for some other players... Like Tah or Witsel. Physically strong and technical players who aren't pushovers but also have the ball handling skills. I wouldn't even mind if we brought Thiago Silva back for his experience and his love for our shirt.

Guess it all depends on how much management will open the floodgates. They did promise to use 400M within the next four years or something like that starting with the mercato this past summer. If they want to keep their promises then I'd expect us to have a bit over 100M each year for the next three to spend. That said, considering Montella is a decent bargain hunter, I believe we'll be pretty damn competitive really soon.
I am not sure I want Badelj at this point. He would only hold Locatelli back, who is progressing in amazing ways. We really need a midfielder, but ai think we should focus on a RCM rather than a holding mid. Having said that, an alternative to Locatelli is needed, but it needs to be someone that doesn't mind being the alternative/rotation guy. Badelj will not come to do that. If he is signed, be ready to see Locatelli on the bench for no good reason, because he deserves his starts. I have said this before...the Locatelli situation is almost identical to Donnarumma. He is young, and it's simply unbelievable how well he plays for his naturally we are ok with signing other players for that position. If we did that with Donnarumma last winter, he maybe wasn't going to he playing now. I really don't want us to make a mistake with Locatelli either. He is playing as well as anyone right now, so no need to change that.

Ryo, on Witsel, he has pretty much signed with Juventus. It will either be this winter for cheap or next summer for free.

No for me on Okazaki. We have enough strikers and he doesn't offer much imo.
If we keep up this form until January and we're sitting in a good position, I think we'll definitely be the more attractive option by comparison to inter

I think Bellarabi would be a good signing, but I really like Suso this year. It showed that when we wanted to rest someone we had no quality off the bench though, so it could be good to have more than one capable player per position. Honda and Poli were a disaster on the right against Genoa. Brought back vivid memories of the last few seasons lol
Kust saw we want to sign Verratti for 30 million + Bacca.