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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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Bazoer can be a holding midfielder or a box to box player like Dev said. I've seen him play multiple times before, and he does have potential to be a very good box to box player, if he isn't already. From what I have seen from him, he does everything well, but I wouldn't say that he is exceptional at anything specific. He is a well rounded payer though with the potential to grow into a very good one, that's for sure. I know he's been in and out of th line up this season and apparently he isn't taking that all that well. He was subject to some transfer activity over the summer, but ended up staying in Ajax as I don't think they wanted to sell him and were hoping to hold on to him in order to make more money in the future. Fast forward 3-4 months and he isn't even a guaranteed starter for them so that seems to have frustrated him and as his agent has said, he is looking to leave.

I don't mind if we sign him, but I don't think he will make an immediate impact so everyone needs to know that his would be a signing for the future and I wouldn't expect for Bazoer to have a big say in the line up until next year probably. For example, I am not so sure that he is better than Pasalic at the moment. Signing young players is an important part of what we seem to want to do in the future....but I think in January, we need to focus on getting 2-3 players that can have an immediate impact in order for us to have a chance of fighting for the CL come April and May.

About Badelj.....again, I will ask the same questions I have in the past. Why do people want him? Is it for him to take over from Locatelli? If not, than where else would he play? Do we really need a player of his mould with the emergence of Locatelli?

EDIT: For me, Fabregas should be a big focusing point if he becomes available. He is exactly the type of player that can bring in an immediate impact on our play and our line up. He can play as a RCM/LCM and gives us options. We can than without a worry move Bonaventura to the left wing instead of Niang whenever we need to, because presently, we simply don't have anyone to take over when Niang is not performing...and if we DO end up moving Bonaventura to the left side, than we kind of don't have a reliable option to take over for Bonaventura in the center of the field. He can obviously also be fielded instead of Kucka. So Fabregas will solve a big issue for us, and on top of that bring a lot of quality along with him. This is exactly the sort of signing we need to make this winter in order to give ourselves the best fighting chance for that 3rd spot. The fact that he may be allowed to come on a loan is an even bigger plus.
Imo Bazoer could be and become a great player, but he has to learn so much before he is able to play for Milan. At Ajax he is benched for disciplinary reasons.
If you look at him he is very well rounded and therefpre he could be a good box to box player or dm, but he plays way to attacking and he doesn't track back in defence (kind of like Pogba) and he thinks way to much of himself.
But if we can pick him up for 15 million it would be a steal and we should defenitely buy him but he isn't gonna give us a boost in midfield he is just a prospect at the moment
I agree with what you guys say, Boazoer coming in definitely cannot be expected to offer a major improvement immediately.

Mirabelli was at Juve's match yesterday to watch 3 of Lyon's players, Tolisso, Fekir and Mamanna. All are very good talents and all are young, so it seems we're still looking to continue working at building a young group.
I remember we did discuss about Mamanna before joining Lyon. Still doing good?
He is doing good imo. He has slowly taken over the starting position. I've only watched him twice this season (once against Nice and once against Juventus last night) and Mammana looks like he is incorporatong himself well into the European game. He will be a solid CB and is still definitely well worth the 10mil they paid for him. Also because they'll probably sell him for double that once he has a couple of years of European football under his belt.

But I gotta say, I've been trying to catch some Benfica games this season, and this Lindeloff dude is really showing signs of a top CB. Very explosive, very smart, physical and also good with the ball. He saved a couple of what could have been clear goals agains Dynamo the other day.
Another interesting player there is Grimaldo (lb), who i've mentioned in the past i think.
I believe that Lyon is also known for investing on talents and making a profit out of them. So, if we (or any other team) wish to get Mammana from Lyon, I am sure that the price tag won't be low. He does seem like an interesting player based on all the YouTube videos. Big Grin

Is it true that Fiorentina tried to own him for 3M or something low like that this summer (and the bid was of course rejected)? Big Grin
With the Bazoer transfer I have a couple of issues. First of all, he was a CB at PSV then he was converted to a midfielder at Ajax. I think they are still confused about his ideal position, whether its box to box or DM. His positioning isn't as great for him to be a Serie A level DM.

Secondly, his development has been rather haphazard. He will go through a few matches barely doing anything but all of a sudden pull Pogba level moves out of the blue. I'd say that he has a lot of talent but he still needs a lot of guidance and training to realize his potential.

He is no way an instant impact player. Similarly the 22m tag on him is too much. I am still not sure whether I want him at Milan or not. On one hand he is having a pretty mediocre season, but he could possibly turn into a very good player under Montella.
Looks like Mirabelli will be at Roma - Bologna on the weekend to scout mostly Paredes and maybe Krejci (as a sub for Suso and Niang). It seems Montella still wants one of Badelj or Paredes. This means one of two things, either he wants someone less raw than Locatelli in front of defence, or he intends to have someone who can play alongside Locatelli in midfield, freeing up Bonaventura to push up more freely.
If it's the first (someone less raw than Loca).....It would be a huge mistake. The kid has not given us a single reason to be replaced. He was thrown in deep water and is swimming just fine. Age should be irrelevant at this point. He's already made a lot of appearances and has been one of the better/best players on the field each time. Until he gives us signs that he can't handle this, there is no reason to replace him. So far, like i said, he hasn't....and if he continues this through January, than there is no need to sign Badelj or any other replacement. Focus on getting a RCM/LCM or someone that can play next to him like you said in the 2nd option.
Yeah, I hope you're right nefremo, I don't think Locatelli should lose his spot. He makes mistakes in matches, but so far the good he's doing far outweighs the bad.