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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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I agree he's made mistakes. Some of them could have been very costly. But when I think back on the stuff Montolivo used to pull, it makes it all ok. Big Grin
(11-03-2016, 03:54 PM)nefremo Wrote: [ -> ]He is doing good imo. He has slowly taken over the starting position. I've only watched him twice this season (once against Nice and once against Juventus last night) and Mammana looks like he is incorporatong himself well into the European game. He will be a solid CB and is still definitely well worth the 10mil they paid for him. Also because they'll probably sell him for double that once he has a couple of years of European football under his belt.

But I gotta say, I've been trying to catch some Benfica games this season, and this Lindeloff dude is really showing signs of a top CB. Very explosive, very smart, physical and also good with the ball. He saved a couple of what could have been clear goals agains Dynamo the other day.
Another interesting player there is Grimaldo (lb), who i've mentioned in the past i think.

Grimaldo Benfica, Gaya Valencia, Bernat Bayern.
Bellerin Arsenal Henrichs Leverkusen
Mammana Lyon Lindelöf Benfica Süle Hoffenheim
Keita RB Leipzig Dahoud M.Gladbach Weigl Dortmund Kessie Atalanta
Dembele Dortmund Pulusic Dortmund Brandt Leverkusen Carrasco A.Madrid

What do you think about these players?
Bellerin wouldn't come to Italy, not when he's with Arsenal.
Bernat never convinced me as anything other than rotation.
Gaya is an interesting prospect, but unless we unload one of our LBs, we're kind of stacked (even if one or two of them are always on the treatment table)
Keita Weigl Kessie all are having breakout seasons, but whether they can perform consistently year on year is always a mystery.
Dembele or Carrasco I'd buy in a heartbeat, but they're both rising stars in their respective teams and it'll take ridiculous bids to get them. If we'd grabbed them two years ago.... but now?

Pulusic... one headed goal after an entire match of nothing does not a consistent player make. Even the US fans aren't convinced by him atm.

As for the others... never watched them, so I'll let others rate them.
A comment on a couple of those names

Lindelof would be very good sort of no nonsense type defender.
I have now watched Mammana a few times, he can be one of those very good CDs but one that makes a big mistake every other match or something like that.
Grimaldo and Gaya I think are more attainable than Bernat for sure....and could be potentially a lot better too.
Like Ryo said, Bellerin would not come to Milan right now. I can see him returning to Barca, but otherwise, je'll stay where he is. A good player obviously. That part is not up for debate.
Talking about attacking right backs...I'd add Karsdorp as one worth keeping an eye on.

Can't say I have much of an opinion on Henrichs. Same about Sule, but when it comes to a CB, I would go for Lideloff over Sule in a heart beat. There is something about him that seems special to me. Really like that player.

I've commented plenty on Mammana in the past. I think at 10mil, he was worth it. Now, whenever he leaves, it'll be for a lot more than that...but he has to prove he is worth it first.

Weigl is not going to come here...and no need. We have Locatelli.
I have never see Keita from Leipzig, so no clue what he is like.

Kessie seems like a great prospect in the making. But 1/4 of a season is not enough. If he continues this through May, I can see him being a hot peoperty on the market next summer.
It's good to keep tabs on players within Italy though. Possibly, this is the most important part for our "resurrection". Another player that not many are talking about but imo he has been one of the best midfielders in the league is Sampdoria's Torreira. Wonderful technical little midfielder that plays as a regista there.

Dembele, Carrasco...of course, but not happening any time soon. Brandt is just average imo. I watched Leverkusen the other day, and he was just ok for me. But can't say I've seen enough. Maybe he really is good. I don't know.

Pulisic is weird. A lot of hype and expectations in USA about him, but he has not justified it...and like Ryo said, even Amercians aren't sold that he will become anynore more than just a decent/good player. I think he is a good player that can develop into a very good one....but I think there are better options and he hasn't done enough for me. The best thing for him too is to stay at Dortmund and keep playing for 3-4 more years. Than we'll see how he develops. I don't think he'll turn into a TOP player...but he has the potential to be very good I think. Either way, he would not be on my list of players to sign.
Brandt & Carrasco in a heart beat, they would instantly improve this team.
Aparently Fiorentina set price on Badelj - 12 millions.
It's a very enticing sign Badelj for 12mil.
But what do we do when Montolivo is back too? We will have 3 players (Monto, Badelj, Locatelli) for 1 position.

Maybe Montella is planning to use 2 of them at the same time (as double pivots). I guess that's fine, if it is the case.

I would get rid of Monto, but him being the captain and having just signed an extention, it's not going to happen. And even if both parties agreed to separate, who would sign an overpaid 32 year old coming off of an ACL tear?!
It would be more than nice to see Montolivo out of Milan. It would be one of our strongest reinforcements. Hopefully Locatelli will "poach" his place till he recovers.
I think Locatelli has effectively made this spot his own even if Monto comes back tomorrow. I think the fans will go nuts if Montolivo just takes the spot back as soon as he is healthy, without a good reason (being healtby isn't a reason).

But I am more worried about Badelj taking Locatelli's spot and hindering his growth. As a new arrival, it would be almost expected that Badelj is slotted into the line up.

Either way, if it happens (us signing Badelj), i guess it will only strengthen the team and Locatelli will have to make a case for himself. Maybe, like I said, they'll even play together....which will in turn give Bonaventura more freedom too.

I think we are in store for an interesting winter....and one crazy summer! Finally...