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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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Fans may be but Montolivo has not lost his spot management and coach wise. I think we are 2 seasons away (one year before his contract ends 2019) till he is "second choice"
(11-04-2016, 03:04 PM)Rimini Wrote: [ -> ]Grimaldo Benfica, Gaya Valencia, Bernat Bayern.
Bellerin Arsenal Henrichs Leverkusen
Mammana Lyon Lindelöf Benfica Süle Hoffenheim
Keita RB Leipzig Dahoud M.Gladbach Weigl Dortmund Kessie Atalanta
Dembele Dortmund Pulusic Dortmund Brandt Leverkusen Carrasco A.Madrid

What do you think about these players?

Quite a list going there lol. I'm not sure how many of these guys I'd actually want or would take, but really I want players that will either fulfill a role in our squad that we're lacking or need to improve. On this list:

Grimaldo: Looks a talented player, technically good going forward and taking on opponents. However, I'd like to see how we get on with our youth products in fullback roles, as we actually have a decent bunch coming through (not just DES and Calabria).
Gaya: Same as Grimaldo pretty much, I actually like Gaya more from what I've seen until now, but until I've stopped believing in our own, I'm not too fussed.
Bernat: Less keen on Bernat, he's never been of much interest to me.
Bellerin: Same again as above.
Henrichs: Same again as above.
Mammana: I've said before I like Mammana and while he's taking time to settle in France, he seems to be growing. Problem is how much will he cost when Lyon are ready to sell and will it be worth it.
Lindelof: I like what I've seen, seems to offer a lot of physical and aggressive qualities that would actually be welcome in Milan. I have some doubts on technical strengths and some of his positioning/decision making, but he's got potential.
Sule: Physically big and technically actually proficient, but I question his pace more than anything and his ability to defend against mobile opponents when used in a highly attacking team.
Keita: This guy seems to be having a breakout year so far, looks a very good box to box midfielder but I'd have the same doubts over him as Bazoer (who I think is more naturally talented).
Dahoud: He came on my radar a while back when I saw him with Xhaka in the side. Looks a very mobile player that's got talent, but I think needs to grow before knowing what he can achieve.
Weigl: Seen him a few times, looks a decent regista, but I agree with nefremo, I'd rather focus on Locatelli.
Kessie: Possibly the one that interests me most on your list, partly because he's been one I've been tracking more than the others. I agree with Gasperini's assessment of him yesterday or today, where he says he can play pretty much any role and has physical and athletic qualities that are invaluable in the Italian game right now. However, I also agree with him that it'll take time for Kessie to be ready for a top team. If we get him, he'll probably be playing on and off in place of Kucka, but we'll need to show patience if he comes, because we aren't talking about a player that will be an instant upgrade.
Dembele: Another that's been on my "radar" for a little while now, he reminds me quite a bit of Niang actually, probably not as physical but better technically in tight spaces. Honestly not sure we need him right now so I'm not fussed.
Pulisic: Not one I've kept an eye on.
Brandt: He's one of Leverkusen's more interesting players (I mentioned him recently as he was linked). Not sure I'm hugely keen on getting him though.
Carrasco: Probably by some distance the player who'd make the biggest impact for us on this list, but I don't think he's available and wouldn't be for a reasonable price. He reminds me a little of Franco Vazquez in his ability to use his physical and technical qualities in tight spaces.

Let me caveat all opinions with the fact that I've only seen most of these players a limited number of times. Part of that is because they're still so young it's hard to have watched them for long (something we should bear in mind to avoid "flash in the pan" players), but part of that is I don't get time to watch as many games as I'd like.

We have to have an understanding of who we want to target and why. It's all good and well targeting young players, but you can only buy so many and why buy young for the sake of buying young? I made this point a year ago with Jose Mauri, who I really like (even if I'm worried he'll never take the next step), but when we signed him I did wonder why we signed him when we had midfielders coming through from our youth that had shown similar promise and even similar qualities.

A guy like Weigl's talented and has a bright future, but we already have Locatelli who imo has more potential anyway. Same with wingbacks, I'm prepared to trust those we're developing in house as we've got a few of good quality that have the potential to make a step up.

In other areas, such as a CB that can partner Romagnoli, I'd like to see players who will offer proven qualities, which very few young CBs can guarantee. Same with attackers (specifically wide attackers), we need players who will either offer qualities and guarantees that Suso and Niang can't promise and make a difference when they are struggling, or we need someone proven who will provide an immediate upgrade to them.

Same in midfield, a guy like Kucka is important in our side and a guy like Kessie would be a natural long term replacement with greater potential and quality, but even if we were to get Kessie, we can't expect he'll be the one to elevate the team, so either we need patience with the young talents, or we need to consider proven stars. From that perspective, it's probably beneficial to hear that we're interested in guys like Tolisso and Paredes, who are still young but just a little further ahead in their career and can probably come in and deliver more quickly.

I mentioned it a while back, but looking at buying young talents our priority should be threefold in terms of where we look:

1) We should look at homegrown players first before looking outside. This is vital to the club imo.
2) We should look at the best young talents in Italy, as they will likely help build the foundations on which we can build around, but will also likely find it easier to adapt in the club (e.g. Romagnoli).
3) We should look outside of Italy to try and handpick the very best talents around the world, this would be limited in scope of how many we would buy, but highly focused on getting players who are guarantees in terms of quality. Chances are, when you look abroad you're more likely to want to get the big name stars that will give absolute guarantees both on the pitch and in shirt sales.

I still think these principles hold true now, because I think it's a logical approach to building the side.

Edit: On Montolivo if he was to return now I think he would start, but probably alongside Locatelli rather than always in place of him, a little like I suggest Paredes or Badelj might work in this side if they were to come.
Are you suggesting Montolivo Locatelli and Badelj would be a good midfield trio? If Montolivo and Locatelli are two starters the third needs more speed and creativity imo
I don't think Montolivo's place in the new Milan is nearly as safe as some think it is. Despite all the things that's being said out there by management and coaches, I doubt he is some kind of irreplaceable player here. I mean, he is a club captain right now, so what were management and coaches supposed to say? They are basically obligated to say nice things about him and talk about how he will be missed, that's just corporate talk.

The old management might have some kind of fetish for underachieving Italian players, but you can bet your money the new Milan wouldn't sign garbage because of his passport. And Montella is a smart man, Im sure he realizes his incompetent Montolivo is as a player. I really don't see how Monto is going to survive the signing spree we are inevitably going to be on.
I also can't he how Montolivo can be part of any kind of long term plans in Milan. He's our worst player and it's under doubt if he posses quality to play even in Serie A relegation battlers.
And also ,fact that he's captain is shame and disgrace for club big such Milan.
(11-04-2016, 03:04 PM)Rimini Wrote: [ -> ]Grimaldo Benfica, Gaya Valencia, Bernat Bayern.
Bellerin Arsenal Henrichs Leverkusen
Mammana Lyon Lindelöf Benfica Süle Hoffenheim
Keita RB Leipzig Dahoud M.Gladbach Weigl Dortmund Kessie Atalanta
Dembele Dortmund Pulusic Dortmund Brandt Leverkusen Carrasco A.Madrid

What do you think about these players?
Carrascos out €90m release clause.I think all the Bundesliga guys are highly unlikely especially Weigel Pulusic Dembele , they are all fine fine players.If a gin was too my head I'd say Keita is most likely and Mammana if Milan offered €20m or a bit more.I know some are of the thinking that theres no reason these kind of players cant be signed.But lets be realistic , EPL teams will be all over these guys and Im pretty sure theyd prefer the EPL to Serie A.Then theres the fees some of them will cost , they'll be huge.Lets concentrate on guys like Kessie Badelj maybe Belotti first.Build a foundation get back to UCL then move from there.

On Carrasco ATM he has a €40m clause but Atleti are negotiating with him and he will have a €100m clause if talks go well which they are expected to.
(11-05-2016, 12:07 AM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Are you suggesting Montolivo Locatelli and Badelj would be a good midfield trio? If Montolivo and Locatelli are two starters the third needs more speed and creativity imo

No I think you misunderstood. I meant if he was available, I think Montolivo might be starting alongside Locatelli right now with Bonaventura as the third midfielder, similar to how I suspect Montella might use Paredes or Badelj if one of them were to come.

I agree, a midfield trio of Locatelli, Montolivo and Badelj would be a midfield lacking a some dynamism and mobility.

I'm personally quite keen on the idea of Tolisso, I think he could compliment what we have quite well.
It's a shame about Kovacic's scenario. All Zidane had to do was to start him more often to unleash his potential. Madrid will most likely not sell him now, and even if they do, it will probably be a rip off. We should have gotten him last summer.

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You are right. Kovacic has really grown this season with some of the injuries Real has had and is making the most out of his opportunities. But in any case, we can forget about getting any Real M players now, no matter how unhappy they are or may become. They are not allowed to buy any players for the next 2 market windows, so I don't expect them to sell anyone at all.

Sassuolo's situation is becoming very interesting. They are struggling big time (although I think mostly due to injuries), but it will be difficult for them to get going from this slump. I don't want them to get relegated (and I don't think they will) as they are one of the best stories of Italian football in the last few years, they adopt a "local" player policy, and give youth a chance. Having said that, naturally, if they end up battling for relegation prices or even if they end up as low down the table as they are now, their players will definitely be cheaper than usual. They have interesting young players like Pellegrini (I really like this player...a young mezzala type of player that's really comfortable with the ball) and Politano for example. Berrardi will probably keep his price (25mil), but clearly he is more likely to leave if they don't have much success.

Also, new links about Keita Balde are coming out. Nothing serious and it might be invented news, but it says that we are still as interested as ever in the player.

About this winter's transfer market....Montella made an interesting comment a couple of days ago: "January transfer window? I think all teams are improved. Where you can improve, it is fair to do so. But many times, in January, it is likely to make it worse!"
This is from

I think it is a fair and accurate statement.
We have to look at the situation for what it is. This squad needs to be improved, and as it is, I don't think it can end in the top 3. However with a little bit of help, it is surely possible. That little bit of help needs to come in the form of a midfielder (starter), a winger (not necessarily a starter although it would be great if we gain in quality over what we have, but more necessarily someone to pick up the slack whenever Niang and Suso don't perform and also to provide depth and options), and if the opportunity arrises an attacking minded and technical fullback (preferably left footed since we already have 3 right footed ones that can and should play on the right side, while our natural left footers Antonelli and Vangioni are nowhere to be seen and don't seem to have the qualities to do what's needed anyway).

However, beyond those positions, we should just let things be as they are. For example, naturally we all know we need a long term class CB that can play a high line, but there is close to 0% chance of something like that being available in getting just anyone is more likely to destabilize things than make them better.

If I had to guess and be somewhat realistic.....I think getting one of Badelj or Fabregas is probably the most possible scenario. I used to think that Fabregas is impossible, but I believe that this move is more and more realistic as we get closer to January, especially on a loan.

Beyond that, I just don't think there is the possibility of really improving things. I don't see a winger becoming available (one that is actually worth it) as the ones that we seem to want (like Keita Balde) will not be allowed to move in January. The same goes for a fullback, at least the kind that we need imo.

So I really want 3 signings in January....but I am realistically only expecting 1 in the form of a midfielder.
A question to throw out the since I just read about him wanting to leave in January, but would anyone be opposed to us trying for Payet from West Ham?

Sure he may be almost 30, but he's pretty good playing the attacking rolls, and I do think he'd add quality to our attack from what I've seen of him. I could see us squeezing a contracts worth of quality from him.