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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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(11-12-2016, 06:55 AM)WCmilan Wrote: [ -> ]I dont think Fabregas is the right signing. I thought differently a couple of months ago, but he seems unmotivated and at that point in a players career where their priority is bridging into a lengthy high paying contract where he'll do nothing and get paid out and then sent to China or MLS. I could be wrong, but he doesn't seem like he has the motivation to get back to his top and continue winning titles.

You might be right, but I was just wondering why you think that? Was there an interview or something that i missed? Anything anyone else said about him that I didn't see?
Lots of names being mentioned these days. Schneiderlin, Roger Guedes, Rodrigo Caio, Thiago Maia, Coric, Lindelöf and Keita.
(11-12-2016, 06:54 PM)Arildonardo Wrote: [ -> ]Lots of names being mentioned these days. Schneiderlin, Roger Guedes, Rodrigo Caio, Thiago Maia, Coric, Lindelöf and Keita.

Lindelof Keita Badelj or Schneiderlin.
Now it's Vidal from Barcelona.
Milan is a small club anymore, you can't endure our 100 m euros offer for Donnarumma. l don't know how long you can keep him. in addition, we can offer him 15 m euros a year contract, while you can't.

200-300 m euros in today's market conditions won't take you anywhere. World class players won't move to italy anymore. You had better to develop your talents or buy from Serie A, or unknown talents from outside italy.

Barca, Bayern and Real, City/A.Madrid/PSG comes after this clubs. We have potential to increase our level better.

All players you linked are fodders or rejects.

Big Grin

On a serious note, BOTH lovers and haters of Milan should give the new era a chance. Weather we are linked with someone like Ivanovic or Messi we owe the new people some patience. Yes even if new people sell a star. Don't think Donnarumma is going anywhere but the point is we have to show patience.
Agree Reza!

But intentions can be seen very quickly. If we make a few major signings, and in the end it turns out that we sold a player for whatever reason, ok. But if we start selling off without signing any improvements, than screw the patience.

I am a believer that the intentions are very good from the new owners. I have no reason to believe otherwise. We'll see what happens. Selling what seems to be one of the biggest talents to ever come out of our academy withij the first year of ownership will not be a good start and it will test a lot of people's patience. Especially after the whole "return to the top within 5 years". That is definitely not how you return to the top.

But i am with you. I don't think they'll sell and they already rejected 50mil for Romagnoli. Nothing so far points to any big sales.

By the way now support City? You change clubs every season it seems! A true whore!! Big Grin
What do you guys think of Andrea Belotti?
Sorry, I don't even know where he is playing now Big Grin

Some sources link us to Riyad Mahrez, unsure about that.
you mean you dont know andrea belotti playing where right now aficio?? or was it some other 1 you dont know??
if its belotti he is in torino, and quite and interesting player, but like others have said, his style of play a bit similar to lapadula.