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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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I agree. There is no way Sule is worth that much, even in an inflated market. Hummels went for 35mil, and that's only the reported fee. Rummenige actually said that this number is high, so I think the media was wrong and he went for much less than that.

Also Belotti. I would not spend that on him. The guy has to prove that what he is doing now is not just form, and that it is actually sustainable quality. I'm not arguing that he doesn't have that, but just like anything, he has to prove it. Realistically, he is not worth more than 20mil. However with all of this hype, his current form, and the fact that he is one of the very few decent Italian strikers at the moment, I can see that fee rise to 30mil. But anything more than that is just madness.

We are forgetting that there are players away from the hype that can be bought for a lot less, yet bring a lot more in many cases. Bayern for example bought Douglas Costa for 30mil.
Süle's agent said that Chealse offered 30 m euros for him and told them this offer will be valid for next summer as well.
(11-27-2016, 12:26 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]Rimini you're suggesting spending 200m to build a side/squad that's all promise with no guarantee. Pretty much every player you're suggesting is yet to prove they are of the highest level, you're paying solely for the potential. Anderson's one of the exceptions maybe, he went through second season syndrome last year but seems to be back to his best this year, but his primary role is the same as Suso's who's been outstanding for us. I'd rather we go for Keita, seeing as he plays on the opposite wing, imo has just as much potential and is likely to be cheaper.

There's no way I'd recommend anyone spend 30-35m on Sule, he's a promising defender, but that amount is absurd. Similar for Belotti, it's crazy at this point to spend 45m on a player who's only just broken through this calendar year.

As I mentioned before, you name some very good players when you list names, but it's too much change and it's unfeasible to spend that amount on potential rather than proven quality.

Edit: This is assuming we even have the money to spend, which is uncertain right now.

it's actually hard to find proven quality in today's market conditions, especially creative midfielders and experienced WC CB's.That's why l went for unproven great talents.

if we can't sign Kroos or Verratti, Dahoud is great name. l'd go for Weigl, however l doubt he can coexist with Loca. the deal will not be done in December or January.Talk from Feb to May will be huge.Then no sale again , I wonder who the new flavour of the month will be.Qatar ? Uzbek ? Russian Petro dollars.Romagnoli Bacca Donnarumma Suso Bonaventura Niang sold by July with an intake of €200m and then €14m spent with 5 free transfers and a loan of some EPL youth.. Bookmark  Sagrin
My point was that we shouldn't pay that much for him. Not when you could buy Hummels for 35 for example.

Chelsea may offer 50mil for him. Doesn't mean that he is worth that much. I guess if you look at it from the point of view of "a player is worth as much as someone is willing to pay"...than yes, he is worth that much. But I'm just trying to bring up the point that there are other players that are just as good or better that can be bought for that type of money or even less....which makes him overpriced.
Jesus Navas 
Obi Mikel
Jetro Willems
Choupo Mouting
Antonia Valencia......

Just some of the players that will be free come June (as of now) Thats like a Galliani wet dream.Futura Meelan
There are some interesting players there. Clearly, a lot of those players are up in age, but short term contracts for a couple of them would not be bad business, especially if this takeover doesn't happen.

Fernandinho - I think he's actually been excellent for Man City this year. I really would not mind going for him. I was not a fan of him in the past, but I have to admit, he would add quality to our midfield for sure.

Witsel - Probably off to Juventus. One of the "younger" ones on that list but, I really am not a big fan of his.

Cazorla - I think he is a great player. Wenger actually also just commented how Arsenal has missed Cazorla's technical ability in the midfield. This is a player that is definitely worth going for imo.

Robben - I have always been a fan of Robben. For me, he has been the best RW in the world for quite some time (when he is fit....and no, I am not counting Messi as I don't see him as a RW, but more as a FWD). It's a shame that injuries have ravaged his career. I would love to see him play for Milan, but that is also a biased thought. We would definitely be a few years too late for a move like this, but a 1-2 year contract would not be bad at all.

Jesus Navas - Not for me.

Taison - Can't say that I've seen him play much of late. But from the little I've seen in previous seasons...I'm not a fan.

Ibra - Mourinho just said they'll extend his contract as they have an option for that. In any case, it's a no for me.

Obi Mikel - Obi is not a bad player. But I don't think we have a need for a player like him.

Ivanovic - Another good player obviously. But I wouldn't go this route at this point.

Zabaleta - No!

Jetro Willems - He needs to leave Holland and improve defensively. He is great on the ball, and still very young. I am very surprised that his contract is running out. The one knee injury last year also stalled him quite a bit. He reminds me of someone like Marcelo or Dani Alves(not saying he is as good). Both of those players were (and still are) criticized about their defensive ability, yet they are such big parts of their teams when in possession and when attacking. This is a player that I would take a shot at, especially if he is free. I don't think he is good enough yet, but I think he has the potential to be.

Clichy - Nah!

Choupo Mouting - Nope!

Pepe - No!

Kenedy - All hype if you ask me. But I don't think his contract is running out. He just recently went to Chelsea. (just checked and they say he has a contract at Chelsea until 2020)

Antonia Valencia - What is he these days? A RB? A wingback? A winger? Who knows. As a wingback, yes, I would not mind him. As a winger, no!
If we don't have new money, it will be even more important that we buy YOUNG. Deals like Sosa or Vangioni (I had to Google his name Facepalm) would make zero sense. Italian or not probably doesn't make a whole world of difference, but it helps with their loyalty to the team.
Dont agree with you on Willems, yes his defensive abilitty´s are bad but I dont think they will improve because this has been the case for two or three years now. If Willems cant even get the ball off of Eredivisie players he will be absolutely useless in the Serie A. His attacking skills are visible when a left winger cuts to the middle very much just like Depay did but if the left wingers isnt that sort of player he will do nothing in defense nor in the attacking situations. At PSV Cocu wont let him play because he is to fat and doesnt have the stamina to run across the field anymore, so imo he is a big no for us.
(11-27-2016, 02:54 PM)Rimini Wrote: [ -> ]it's actually hard to find proven quality in today's market conditions, especially creative midfielders and experienced WC CB's.That's why l went for unproven great talents.

if we can't sign Kroos or Verratti, Dahoud is great name. l'd go for Weigl, however l doubt he can coexist with Loca.

There's always opportunities, you need to understand which ones can be completed. I'm not saying replace the whole team with star names, you want a balance. For example, in terms of CBs, at Bayern there's a situation that Hummels is first choice in CB with Martinez and Boateng fighting for a spot alongside him. Eventually Carlo will need to settle on a first choice pairing and these aren't players who'll want to be on the bench, so there could be a chance to get them. Thiago Silva's another whose future isn't certain at this point, again, a possibility of a short term pairing to help Romagnoli's growth wouldn't be a bad shout.

Verratti isn't an impossible case if you look at his situation, but even then, another very young but now proven and experienced talent that isn't getting games as he might want is Rabiot. Isco's another that's worth keeping an eye on, as at Real he's under constant rotation and a player like that surely might relish a starring role in a club like Milan (with 200m that you mentioned we would be able to back up a serious project). Bear in mind Real still have Kroos and Casemiro out, so Isco's space there will only further reduce.

Same up front, Aguero's situation at City is worth monitoring, but also guys like Morata and Benzema (who's role is already reduced this year), especially if the expected happens and Real get Aubameyang sooner rather than later.

With these names, you're immediately adding quality and experience to some areas we could use it. In defence, we lack the right partner for Romagnoli, in midfield we're still limited on a technical and physical level (never mind depth) and up front if Bacca leaves we're not exactly stacked with players of the highest level unless Lapadula can step up or someone like Niang explodes. Add a couple of market opportunities to get some talented players for a cheaper price, for example Fernandinho to come in and replace Kucka and Carzorla to add an alternative to Suso and depth (in place of Honda), and you can build a squad that has more talent than the current group, but also is much better prepared to play at a competitively high level. The names I've mentioned are solely based on recent discussions, rumours and things in the public eye. Guys like Mirabelli and Galliani should be a hell of a lot more clued up on potential market opportunities they can exploit to get top level players.

That's not to ignore looking at young talents and ignoring what you're saying. I've mentioned numerous times, we should look at our best talents at home first, trying to utilise the youth system to it's fullest. From there, I would like to see us focus on targeting the best young talents in Italy and around the world. My point is, it's trying to find the right balance. You can't just build around prospects, you need some experience and quality to help take on more responsibility for the immediate future. That's why as it stands guys like Bonaventura and Paletta have been so important for us this year.

Basically, if we have 200m, I say roughly half of that (maybe more) should be used on trying to get around 3 new players of the highest level to help improve our side immediately.