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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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(12-06-2016, 12:55 AM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]I fear for good ol' Jay's mental health  Icon_lol2

.... and mine too. Sad

Dont.I was and am always a realist.Not a pessimist but a realist and this sale is going exactly how I thought , so Im fine.
At the end of the day, I've always supported Niang through thick and thin, but just my thoughts on this topic quickly.. Niang doesn't have the technical ability to be a real winger, one which a club with our ambitions needs and demands. Playing him at CF is an option, but his finishing and shooting has always also been atrocious. His strength, speed, and energy are what make him a good player, but is this what suits our needs? I think he'd be a better fit at an EPL club where physical demands suit his physique and perhaps even the style of play. In essence, what I'm saying is that I wholeheartedly hope that Niang succeeds with us, but I dont see room for him on the wing or at cf unless he's willing to take a squad role - which isn't a bad thing.. If we're playing CL next year we're going to need the depth so having someone like Keita and Niang rotating on LW would probably have both of them seeing some decent play time.
Rumours are that Montella wants Gomez from Atalanta and Badelj this January.
I would be more than ok with that considering our current situation. Bacca out - Badelj, Papu in is adequate enough for this winter. Probably even more than we can hope for. Papu has had a great couple of seasons and he won't const too much. He is also somewhat of a short term option and won't demand a starting spot, which will allow us to possibly get a big time winger in the summer and use Papu as a rotation player.

DeS - Paletta - Romagnoli - Anto
---------Badelj - Locatelli----------

That is a pretty good little squad there. Technical but also defensively capable. I would love to add a LB to that group, but it won't happen this winter so we'll just have to alternate whatever we have for the time being. I think with those two signings we at least give ourselves a good chance to finish in the top 3, while an EL spot will more or less be definitely ours. Badelj and Papu know the league, Badelj knows Montella and his demands so there will be zero time to wait for these guys to adapt. They can come and hit the ground running from day one.
Yeah I agree, although I would say "pretty good little side" rather than squad, which would still be lacking. Big Grin
haha yea, I should have written "side"....

Even though to have Kucka, Mati, Bertolacci, Montolivo, Pasalic, Zapata, Gomez, Abate, Calabria as backup/rotation players will actually make for a very decent squad. Sure there is still holes there, like a proper back up for Suso for example, or the quality of the fullbacks, etc....but still a squad more than capable of fighting for the top three if this first half of the season is anything to go by.
Yeah, it's not terrible. Honestly, I think more and more we're seeing that players for the positions linked (winger and central midfielder) are becoming more and more important to fill gaps, so I think getting a couple of guys like this might be the right approach.

If we do that, I'll be satisfied with our mercato, because I've said for a while, I think we need to use this season to really assess what we have first. Hopefully (and that's a big "hopefully"), we will see investment in the summer to really strengthen where we need to.

while the current CEO wants to focus on young Italians, the Chinese want more prestigious targets like Cesc Fabregas of Chelsea.

In addition, Galliani considers striker Carlos Bacca to be an expendable asset, while the new ownership sees him as the best player on the team and one of the most marketable.
Adriano, Ely, Vangioni first to leave in January to "raise money"
How much money will those jokers raise?? I can't see it being more than 10 mil (and that is me being generous).

On second long as they raise enough for us to perhaps buy Badelj, than I'm happy either way. I'm happy even if they don't raise enough to buy least they'll be out of here!

It's interesting to note that 2 of those players were Galliani picks (Vangioni and Ely). One he was "following" for years (Vangioni) even though Braida recently said that he advised the club that Vangioni isn't good enough. The other one (Ely) was a dirty deal with Raiola for which we paid SEVEN MILLION in agent fees!

Adriano was a signing that we made in order to be able to play I guess I'll blame that one on Berlu!