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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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For Vangioni I'm afraid we'll must to pay him to leave. Like we did for Menez and few others. He will (if he) leave without spending even one single minute on the field.
You are probably right. Nobody will give him the salary that we are paying him so he may end up staying. Sevilla was linked to him most recently, but like you said, it will be hard to get rid of him!

He's 32 now. Viola offers 1 year extension - he don't want to accept. Now he wants to talk with Milan because he knows that Galiani will give him 3 years contract without any questions asked.
Three year contract? Galli would give him a five year deal just because he looks like an Italian, lol.
I never understood why we even got Vangioni!
Vangioni is hopefully Galli's last legacy with the club.
Vangioni was free and Galliani prob got something out of it.Gomez and Sosa cost €15m both useless moves
I wouldn't call Gomez useless. At least he is young and has a future.
I like Gomez. I think he has a lot of potential.
Maybe not useless.But I feel that money could of been better spent.

We're linked with Kjaer now , apparently Milan are in ADVANCED negotiations.Typical Galliani move , a player that showed promise at 18/19 with Palermo but has not developed much beyond that bouncing from Wolfsburg to Lille to Roma now Fenerbahce.He wont be an upgrade for any CB.

If its a move that materialises its just another in a long line of poor moves by Milan.