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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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(12-14-2016, 04:26 AM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]The bidding is probably Milan paying half his salary or a quarter of his salary Tongue

Nah... we're talking about Porto and Sporting, two teams that are consistently in the CL. They can afford inflated prices for backup players. Sagrin
We HAVE TO use the Badelj situation to our advantage. He and Montella get along and admire each other. It's no secret that he would love to work with Montella again and the same can be said about Montella. On top of that, Badelj's agent has openly said that he will not sign a renewal and many sources say that he will be available in January with quotes of about 12mil. This is a no brainer.

I was opposed to this signing mainly because I didn't want Locatelli benched....but I am really warming up to the idea of Badelj and Locatelli playing together in a double pivot system. I think they complement each other and Locatelli gets an even bigger chance to improve alongside someone like Badelj.

The left winger situation needs to be resolved too. There are many options for this, both expensive, inexpensive, and even swap opportunities coupled with some internal solutions. Whatever the case, Niang can not continue to be the undesputed starter.
Some ideas...

Solution 1: Keita Balde - the most popular option, but expensive (and we might not have any money) and extremely hard (if not impossible without massively overpaying) to buy in January especially with Lazio doing this well and Keita being a big part of that.

Solution 2: Papu Gomez - will do the job for the short term and will be cheaper than Keita. Also, he can probably be bought for half the price of Keita and Atalanta will probably be willing to let him go in January. Money might be an issue.

Solution 3: Probably not the most popular among fans, but I actually like this even better than the other 2 for January, especially with no money (and I would rather use the little we might have on Badelj)........Sneijder. Yes, Wesley Sneijder. He has openly said he would love to come back to Milano, and not to Inter. There were some rumors about Sosa going back to Turkey and even some whispers that a swap deal with Galatasaray might be possible. This would allow us to move Bonaventura to the left and play Sneijder in front of the Badelj-Locatelli duo. It would cost nothing, and perhaps improve us inmediately better than the other 2 options. Before you attack me and say I am crazy and Sneijder is washed up....please go and watch the guy play. He is still class and would bring great technical ability in the side. He doesn't lose the ball under pressure, can still score with shots from outside the box and feeds the attackers superbly. Yes, he is 32, but the guy is fit and a 2 year deal or so should not be an issue. He is familiar with the league and the city so there will be no learning and very little (if any) adaptation period.

-----------Badelj - Loca------------
Always been a fan of Sneijder. Never understood why out of the 4 Dutch stars playing for Madrid at the time, we went for Huntelaar instead of him or Van Der Vaart. Watched him live in Beijing for that Super Coppa a few seasons back (We won thanks to Ibra and Prince), and you just knew his free kick would fly in before he even hit it. He was always the one player I hated having to play against when we faced them, because his quality was real class.

The only concern I would have is that he's on the wrong side of 30? But then again more often than not decent Merda transfers do excel for us (those not on loan anyway..). Plus, Merda fans would hate to see him in our jersey, and I can totally see him play a Seedorf roll for a couple of years for us. The kids'll learn a lot from him too.

I have a soft spot for Dutch players. After all, Van Basten is the biggest reason I am a Milan fan and support Hollan along with Italy in international competitions since my Macedonia is terrible. Because of this, I normally watch almost all Dutch National Team games and peeople talk about Bazoer, and Klaassen, and Wijnaldum previously, and what not....but the fact of the matter is that without Sneijder that team is lost and when he is on the field, wrong side of 30 or not, he is a class above any other Dutch midfielder. They are a completely different side when he is on the field pulling the strings.

Like I said, at 32, there is absolutely no reason why he can't have at least another 2 1/2 great seasons.

Most of all, he is the best quality player we can get for very little to no money (if it's true that Gala wants Sosa). On top of that, he solves 2 problems. We get a top quality experienced midfielder and are able to play Bona one the left to solve out wing problem.
I'm not keen on Sneijder if I'm honest, even in a low key market (doubt his salary would be cheap anyway).

It's being reported that Juve are going hard for Gagliardini and Caldara. On the latter, GDS reports they already have an agreement where the player will stay at Atalanta until 2018. A shame if true, I'm very impressed with Caldara (and Gagliardini though I want to see more), though it's said Inter and Milan did try (Silvio apparently called Atalanta's president to ask not to sell until Milan could make a bid) and ultimately it looks like Juve were just ahead of the game.
I'd like Sneijder. He's a classy player, even if he lost some of his pace I have no doubts his creativity would still cause all kinds of danger. In such a young team full of energy, somebody like him would be perfect IMO. I think if we go after him we'll almost certainly get him..

Says he felt trampled by the way he was treated at Merda before he left, and says his dream was to always play for Milan and he hopes he still can before ending his career.
We're in the process of building a team that is young and hungry for success and Sneijder IMO will be a step in the wrong direction.
True that ideally we will sign younger players of great quality, but building a team that's young and hungry for success requires money. Something that we apparently don't have. We proved against Roma last weekend that we deserve to be where we are at the table, but we also showed why we will NOT retain that spot if we don't make a couple of signings this winter.

It is imperative that we reinforce if we want to make the CL. Taking in a couple of young, talented and most importantly ready to instantly play players would be ideal this winter, but again, players like those will cost money...and a lot of it.

Sneijder brings quality that is going to help us immediately, and if swapped with Sosa, will cost nothing or close to it. No waiting time like we would see in young players who might take several months to adapt or realize their potential and will cost a lot of money on top of that.

We have to prioritize a little bit here. Do we want to make the CL this season? Or do we want to continue our building process and potentially miss out on it? I think we have a shot at making the CL, if we get the necessary signings. A young player (unless they have already proven their quality at a bigger club like let's say Keita) may not be the correct signing if we want to make the CL. Great for the future, yes, but more often than not these won't inject quality right away and we will have to wait. We don't have the time to wait if we want to make the CL. We will only have 4 months and a half of a season for that. Also, the building process doesn't necessarily stop just because we sign one older and experienced player like Sneijder. What's even more important, like I said in my first post about him, I wonder how many people have actually watched Sneijder play in the last 2 years and how many times. Don't just look at the age (which honestly at 32 isn't even that bad). The guy still has a lot of quality in his game. He will be the top midfielder in this squad, I have no doubt about that. Maybe, just maybe, on current form Bonaventura can question that statement, but that's about it.
Also those young players needs role models from whom, by playing alongside them they will learn and improve. They will certanly learn more from Fabregas or Sneijder than from Sosa or Kucka or in worst case Montocrap(hope he's done with playing for Milan). As people call it "combination of youth and experience".
Even if we were creating a team young and hungry for success, who do they learn from? Sure, world class training facilities and trainers & coach, but it definitely helps to have a few experienced players in the ranks. Someone like Sneijder has won everything and he's still playing really good football. I'm sure we thought it was a good idea getting rid of Pirlo, but we saw what an impact he had on a juventus side that was transitioning into the team it has become. I lost count of how many times Pogba has publically praised Pirlo for his help. My point is, players with his experience can help our young players develop, but also be a huge help on the pitch in these next couple of years of rebuilding and hopefully establishing a winning side.

I really do not know a side that has had much success with only young players, so it speaks for itself really.