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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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Not worried about the Caldara thing. I am really just more concerned about the next 6 months. There is a genuine chance of making the CL. We can not do nothing this winter. We need a couple of experienced and very good players that can come and give us a push.
(12-19-2016, 01:46 AM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting.
I know everyone will laugh but a second young CD besides Romagnoli may not be the best option. Go ahead laugh, it's ok Big Grin

No need for laughter. We already have Gomez. What we need is someone with experience to bring them up to class. I vote Thiago Silva....  Angel
(12-19-2016, 05:17 AM)Ryo Wrote: [ -> ]No need for laughter. We already have Gomez. What we need is someone with experience to bring them up to class. I vote Thiago Silva....  Angel

His fee even its not huge + his ridiculous wage is too much.Even if he cuts his wage in half thats €7m a year after tax its just too big for a guy will want like 3 years and be 33 at the start of next season.
3m would be decent. But i dont think he will accept that wage.

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(12-19-2016, 10:00 AM)sylrus Wrote: [ -> ]3m would be decent. But i dont think he will accept that wage.

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€3m - €3.5m for 2 years would be fine.But I honestly see him wanting a lot I mean a lot , when you see that he's on €14m IIRC I dont see agreeing to a 50% cut let alone a 70% cut just to come back to Milan.He'll get a massive elswhere or stay at PSG and get the same he's on now.We should look elsewhere.
Oddly since I mentioned Tielemans the other week, I saw him linked to us in one of the Italian papers and then came across this today:

if nothing else, an interesting read.

Adriano Galliani can “categorically rule-out” any big names joining Milan in January, but Ascoli’s Riccardo Orsolini is an option.
Seems a lot of clubs are going after Gagliardini, with Inter supposedly serious about trying to secure him. It seems he's valuated at 20+ million, with some parts of the press suggesting 25m. I think the price is absurd, anything over around 15m is pretty insane. That said, if there's a possibility of securing him at a reasonable price, then I'm all for it.

If it was up to me I my view would be to have a massive change in the midfield next summer, bringing in roughly 3 or 4 new players that would be a balance of young talents and experience. In this respect, if Gagliardini can be gotten as mentioned above, I'd be seriously looking at him, but if not, I'd go all out and look at Rabiot, who I think is an excellent player, having played at the highest level for years and grown in that time. With PSG not using him to the extent they could, I think there's a real possibility of getting him.

I've mentioned before (today too), that Tielemans is another I would go for, I think he's an excellent talent that would be a great compliment to our midfiield. The other name I'd be looking at are Badelj (as Montella wants him strongly and his qualities are needed).

When you look at the balance of players here, the focus is we're talking about technical players, whose passing strengths and considered vital to their game. It would give some physicality to our midfield that's currently lacking, but I think we'd see and overall improvement in quality.

I think it's key to see improvements in midfield, which is where we seriously have some issues. We would still need to see what CBs are possible to get, a CF (unless Bacca is actually staying) and a winger or attacking midfielder (not necessarily starters, but more importantly players who can add depth). Maybe even considering Carzorla or Jesus Navas (both a free next summer).

I would also shift system from 4-3-3 to 4-3-2-1 (christmas tree), with Bonaventura and Suso operating more centrally. I think both when on the wings are useful, but I do feel that they operate at their best when offered freedom to move and working more centrally. Both have the technical quality and quick feet to operate in tight spaces, but also have excellent long shots. I'm sure it would benefit Niang too, who could operate more like a second striker than a winger, which based on what I've seen, he's better at.

It's not just this that would be my thought behind the system though, but rather with the technical quality I'd like to see in midfield, with these two centrally we could see a greater dominance in the centre of the pitch. Not only would we have a man available to cover opposing teams' playmaker/regista we'd also be in a better position to switch systems more fluidly, as you can easily change to 4-3-3, 4-3-1-2, 4-4-1 or even 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-4-1.

Also, the purpose in my logic in how the system change would benefit us is also dependent on the possibilities of how you press. Beyond the aforementioned bonus of having a man on opposing playmakers, I think you can restructure how you press an opposing team. One factor I'm not that keen on in our pressing (as well as many teams in Italy) is that it's all very vertical. The attacker presses the CBs or drops back to press the playmaker. The midfield 3 (mostly the shuttlers/mezzala) move up and down the pitch to cover opposing midfielders, the wingers cover the full length of the pitch to track opposing wingbacks and wingbacks do the same for opposing wingers. Point is, covering the vertical distances on a pitch are going to mean travelling greater distances (given the dimensions of a pitch), whereas if you have the attacking midfield 2 starting centrally, they can press with one pushing wide when pressing opponents. The horizontal movement requires less distance to be covered than the vertical movement, meaning in terms of efficiency it should be beneficial to the players (Bonaventura and Suso would surely benefit from not being expected to run up and down the length of the wing all match).

The other factor of the system is the concept of creating a wedge in opposing sides. The middle is a key area of the field (hence people say matches are won in midfield). If you can dominate the middle, you will dominate the ball, but also in the middle you get better passing options across the width of the pitch than out wide. With a wedge structure, the idea would be to push teams wide when defending, which means you reduce their options on the ball, but also give less room for them the operate (the touchline acting as a natural defensive space).
I'd be up for Tielemans. I've been saying that's someone we should go for for ages. As for defence... As much as I'd love to see Thiago Silva back, I can't see him taking 3mill a year at Milan considering he could go pretty much anywhere for around 8mill and probably go to China for about 20mill...

I'm all for sending away the players that aren't good enough and replacing them with youngsters... I do still think we need a big name CM and CB but we could always strengthen in Jan with youngsters and work on a big name CB and CM end of season.

Still think we would be better off Selling off Bacca and using the money elsewhere... Lapadulla seems to be doing a good job and we could always play Niang there as backup...
We could sell off Bacca for 30 and sign a bigger name CB or CM now instead of end of season
We won't sign anybody who will strengthen the team, so we might just stay as we are and lose out on CL, again. Getting used to it. Another mercato, another disappointment. Hopefully the sale will go through before the summer... Dodgy