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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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I don't know what to think about this move. I'm certainly not happy with dry loans. He is a talented player but hasn't had the greatest of seasons so far.
We ARE thin on the wings and have no money to spend, so in that aspect it makes sense.

I am not so worried that Bonaventura will go back to the midfield if we actually get a good winger on the left. (I am not saying Deulofeu is that solution...he is certainly not showing to be that this season) We REALLY need Bona in the middle even though he seems to be more dangerous and decisive on the wing at the moment. We just simply don't have another player with his qualities in the middle and when he is not there we often struggle to bring the ball up from the middle. Nobody else is as comfortable under pressure and nobody else can actually take his man on in the midfield like Bona.
EPL here on TV allows me to watch lots and I have seen him play many times, not sure he is really a left sided player so as a dry loan/short term Suso backup this move is not that useful imo. As they say , we shall see....
Whats up guys, my name is Lucas and i am a die hard Chelsea fan, but i have always loved milan aswell. Been following this site for a while and decided to finally join the conversation
Welcome to MM Lucas.
Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay at MM.
(12-29-2016, 11:04 PM)Jay Crisp Wrote: [ -> ]Robinho was 29 when he was shipped off to Santos on loan.If Hulk can get sold at 30 for €50m then Robinho could of something with a proper management selling him.Kaka would of been a huge name for the Chinese even though he was past his best.Its just criminal what Galliani does , its as if hes soooo lazy he just says release them I coulent bothered working.

Difference between the two is simple, no one in China at the time WANTED Robinho, Hulk is still currently in his prime whilst Robinho was already in decline without Ibra there. Not to mention the fact that Robinho WANTED to go back to Santos. 
Since when did Milan ever stop their players from leaving to where ever they wanted to go? Sheva went to Chelsea, Pato moved back to Brazil, Torres went back to Athletico. It's one of the reasons why everyone who leaves us speaks so highly of us. We never force people to go to places that they don't want to go to (Kaka and Thiago Silva included, we were forced to sell them, but we never forced them to go to teams they didn't want to go to).

Adriano signing up for Spartak is fine, though it's pretty shitty that we're not getting anything monetary for him. Saving on wages just makes room for us to tie down Donnarumma, Jack and possibly pay the wages for a third player (be it a new signing or a contract renewal). Galliani is totally doing shit half hardheartedly now, which is even more painful than him when he was making an effort for the club on a zero budget.

Deulofeu I rate, but given he plays exclusively on the right wing, I'm afraid he'll stint Suso's growth instead of helping us deal with our problem on the left side.

Oh, and it seems Premier League teams want Honda. Here's hoping he can leave for some money for us....

Oh, and welcome Lucas
We can criticize Galliani for transfers in and certainly for some missed sales. But I am not sure I can criticize him for not selling players for big sums to China or elsewhere. You can't make other teams want your players. You can't force other teams to buy from you and offer you big sums.

The problem still stems from Galliani for the fact that he's brought bad players here. Had we had the team from 2005, or even 2011/2012, maybe we could have sold some of those players for big money. But the current crop won't fetch a lot of money from anywhere, even China. Lastly, Galliani sold Adriano to China for good money last year. We surely can't blame Galliani for that failed transfer.

This is coming from a big Galliani critic like myself.......but I can't really blame him for not selling players. It's not like he doesn't want to sell players for big money. He would love to, I'm sure. The bigger problem is that we can't sell our players to lesser teams even for free....because Galliani used to give them huge contracts and those players don't want to move. THAT, I can definitely criticize him for.
Welcome to MM LucasHM Smile
It seems that he's gone ,but no info about price ,knowing Galiani could be for free.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, the two clubs have agreed the deal which will save the Rossoneri €5m per season in salary until 2020.
Galliani will leave or retire with quite a disastrous legacy.