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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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but, was Arsenal the one that offered only 20M?
(09-16-2016, 04:44 PM)WCmilan Wrote: [ -> ]For the exact reasons I mentioned... He might have scored goals but he doesn't link up and I can count more than 20 times that he screwed up a simple pass to put through a teammate on goal. He's good short-term, maybe for now, but if you want a sustainable and highly competitive squad you cant have a player like him starting. I think there's a reason the only team that wanted him was West Ham, because if he had any remotely better options he'd be gone right now I guarantee it, which leads to my next reason why I want him sold - that is, he said multiple times that he wanted CL and hinted at leaving, except no good teams wanted him lol

Using his goals as a "reason" to keep him is as invalid as using Montolivo's ball recovery statistics (best in Europe at one point last season) as a reason to keep him, but what about his passing? His leadership? His work rate? Sure, his ball recovery is great and as a CDM (keyword defensive) it really seems like that's a good reason to keep him, but there's other reasons to want him gone, as there is for Bacca (eg. age, poor dribbling, cant linkup, one footed, terrible passing crossing etc.). I'm not saying either of them arent decent players, because they are, but if we need to take this team to the next level neither of them can be starters IMO, because I cant point my finger at one top club that has a player like Bacca as their starting striker. Teams that play with a target man have much better versions, like Lewandowski, Costa etc. at least they can pass a ball, shoot from distance, cross if they need to and whatnot. Bacca is a good goalscorer, give him a chance in front of goal he'll most likely finish it, but I think our team needs a more technical player in his role that's all.
This guy is a poacher type striker, yes he has to improve his first touch, linkup etc, but to date as a striker whose main job is scoring, imo he's done well, not to forget the kind of midfield we have. Not sure about Lewi but (Diego)Costa?if you ask me, is not poacher, he is way more technical/complete striker. If we have these kind of strikers next season, thats wonderful, otherwise, no problem midfield is still top priority.
And I dont think you can exclude 20goals scoring striker from a highly competitive squad just because you want the team playing more smoothly, because I cant and wont.
We need 2 mids a CB a WB or 2 to be consistently competitive in Serie A.Bar a great finisher in Bacca 2 young talents Roma and Donna along with Niang and Suso chipping in , our squad is not average but poor.We have 6 points after 4 rounds but when one looks at the games we could easily have 0 or 1 point.

I just hope the people in charge actually know as a whole the squad is bad.Id be happy at this stage just to have the season over and us still in Serie A.I dont think theyll be relegated but seeing how we struggle against everyone ai wouldnt rule out a dogfight with the players imploding.If next season we havent made big buys with very good players we are in big big trouble.
A little disappointed in seeing this:

I mentioned Kessie earlier in the summer when we were linked to him, he looks like a very good player. Seems now it's unlikely we'll be in the running.
my frist picks for short list Smile

Mateo Darmian , every budy now this players i dont need to wirte a lot , aperantly Murinjo dont like him and today was on the bench in liga cup game , i think we can get him easly under 10 mil
I'd take Darmian in a heartbeat.
I would too.
I don't think Darmian is anything special, but I too would take him in a heartbeat. He is versatile and solid enough. I guess the biggest reason I would take him is the fact that all our fullbacks have been absolute garbage for a while now.
"There are reports Milan could release Mario Pasalic early from his loan after the Chelsea-owned midfielder struggled to get playing time." It's only caliomercato but still ....
I just remembred that we also signed Mati fernandez. how awesome will it be when he is back.