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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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I am not saying I agree with the valuation...but that's what you get with loan + options. If we were to buy him outright, he can probably be bought for less than 15...but we get a "trial" of a sort, so we are basically doing the deal almost "risk free"...and for that, you have to pay.

But even at today's market, it's not out of the ordinary. I mean, all of us seem to think that we can get at least 20 for Niang. What has he done to justify that for example? When players like Gagliardini are going for 28mil...than Deulofeu at 18 is really not bad....especially if he has a good second half of the season with us.
Player via EPL and 22 years old? 18 is normal and actually low price, I am serious
18M is not a terrible price for Deulofeu. This guy is young and was one of the highest rated talent in europe a couple of years ago. He hasn't broken through yet, but still has plenty of time on his side. Young talent rarely go for cheap nowadays, even Kingsley Coman went for 25M.
True, 18M is almost like pocket change these days. Definitely worth a try.
Loan with option to buy is not a bad deal. We still have the say at the end of the day. €18M for EPL based player is a steal these days,
Official: Deulofeu to Milan.

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Apparently a dry loan. No option.

In all honesty, although 18mil was not a bad valuation for the's still silly to agree to that option when Barcelona has an option of 12mil. So basically, Everton can not possibly make more than 12mil on the player as if we agreed to buy him Barcelona would have probably wanted to somehow be involved in the deal. In any case, I would not be surprised if Galliani made a deal with Barcelona instead for a lower price and taking the player through them at the end anyway.

Either way, I think this is a good signing and I hope he settles in quickly.

Welcome Deulofeu!
Breaking: Everton furious with Milan for announcing Deulofeu loan deal and saying it has not been completed - Sky Sports....Always Milan , from kings to Laughing stock
Since it's Galliani ,lies and deceptions from our side are not something which isn't expected... Not surprised at all. It's just shame and new disgrace to club.