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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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If he is to get game time it means Niang is sold (Unless Niang doesn't care about being benched ....) , because obviously Bona is staying and Suso is not being benched. Our schedule in the short term is anything but busy, might not even have midweek games after this week. Weird move if dry loan.
Weird but expected.

I don't really see a future for Niang here. I think he will be gone for sure. If not this winter (unlikely at this point) than definitely in the summer.
I'm surprised Honda hasn't gone to be honest, I guess that may be down to lack of interest
Niang Ocampos loan swap rumour

Why? lol Dodgy
I actually think that swap makes sense. I think it's clear to all now that Niang is no winger (at least not a very good one). I think it's also clear that our midfield suffers (maybe suffer is a strong word, but it definitely loses a big dimention) without Bonaventura in it.

So if you keep those two things in mind, even with the arrival of Deulofeu, we are still short on the wings....and if one of Suso or Deulofeu goes down we will have to move Bonaventura out wide....which then alternatively makes our midfield a problem. Notice, I am not mentioning Niang because he's lost his LW place to Bonaventura already.

So it seems like to me that in a short and really limited January transfer window...when nobody seems to want to bid for Niang anyway....temprorarily swapping him with Ocampos is not such a bad idea. Even if we sell Niang now, what do we do with the money? I'd rather sell in the summer, and in the meantime let him play in Genoa and at least keep his value up.
I would agree with that if Niang is 100% flop useless, he is not, imo it is very unfair if anybody says that.
He is not useless. But with the arrival of Deulofeu, he is even further down the pecking order imo. Even now, without Deulofeu, Montella is opting to move Bonaventura out of the midfield and play him instead of Niang on the left.

What good is it to keep him here when the coach is willing to change his midfield, before considering to use Niang as a starter on the left. He is going to drop his value even further if he stays here.

If we were using a SS, than keeping Niang would make sense. But he has simply not done good enough as a winger. If there is a solution where we can get a true wide player instead of Niang, it's only right that we go for it as it works in the favor of the team. If not, than obvioudly we make use of what we have, and I'm sure Niang will come in handy. But just because he might come in handy if needed, doesn't mean that keeping him is the right option.

Rumors say that Milan already agreed to the swap, which goes on to show us all what Montella really thinks of Niang (the winger).

Ocampos is really not a bad player. He will add a lot of bite to our wide positions, and presently, he is definitely of more use to us than Niang.....and like I said earlier, Niang won't be rotting on the bench and losing value. Than come this summer, we can sell Niang and look for permanent solutions. We have to know when it is the right time to sell and let go. In this present Milan, in my opinion, there really isn't an important part for Niang.
(01-23-2017, 09:29 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]I would agree with that if Niang is 100% flop useless, he is not, imo it is very unfair if anybody says that.

agreed. I still think he's got the potential to make it as a striker... he's quick and strong on the ball... he just lacks the required skill and brains to play on the wing effectively... I would prefer we give him a proper go as a striker before we completely give up on him... Aubameyang showed considerably less talent then this bloke and look what happened when someone gave him a go. 

Yes, we've given him plenty of opportunities but almost all have been out wide... Give the bloke a game in the cup out front or a game against a weaker team...

Just my opinion...
I am not disagreeing with you. I've been calling for Niang to be played up front for a long time now. But that's not the point here. The guy whose opinion matters (Montella) doesn't seem to want to do that. Bacca and Lapadula are the first 2 options up there looking at Montella's choices. We can call for him to be played as a CF all we want, but if Montella only considers him as a left sided attacker, than we have a weak left sided attacker on our hands and he is just going to rott on the bench losing value. So if there is an opportunity to exchange him for a stronger wide player, on a temporary basis, then why not?

I also want to point out that unless a very good offer comes, I don't want to just get rid of Niang. We simply have no use with the money at this point. The transfer window shuts down in a few days and we are just going to lose a player who might come in handy in the long stretch, but not get an adequate replacement.
Send him to China! get them to pay 40mill for him Smile