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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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To be fair, Pato's issues were more off-the-field than on it. He was a great poacher and finisher and had the speed to blow past anyone on the day. Injuries aside I believe his courtship with Barbara and his partying it up with the Fenomeno and Ronaldinho really did him in.

In Aubamayang's case, we just never had the patience to wait for him to develop. If we had had Montella or any other youth-developing coach at the time, things would probably have been different for Auba.

As for Niang... latest news is that he's not happy playing loanee, and wants to move on a permanent transfer to the Premier League. If that means we get some decent cash for him and are already in talks with a target to fill in the holes in Montella's master plan, I'm all for it. Heck, we've already promoted Primavera Captain Cutrone to first team anyway, maybe instead of Bacca, he was a replacement for Niang all along.
I have much more faith that we'll soon be getting another Donna/Loca in our ranks. And if he makes it 3 homegrown breakout stars in 2/3 years, I'm all for it.
I am disappointed in our attack line. We haven't had anyone that's decent since Shevchenko and Ibrahimovic (perhaps the closest being Balotelli or Menez? but both stink with their attitude)

Imagine if we can have someone with Lapadula's work ethic, Niang's speed, and Bacca's finishing, and none of their weaknesses of course.
that would be massive xu
but nowadays
its rare to have that kind of striker
aguero come to mind, but other than him, who??
(01-25-2017, 06:42 AM)sylrus Wrote: [ -> ]that would be massive xu
but nowadays
its rare to have that kind of striker
aguero come to mind, but other than him, who??

So we're all in for Agüero then I guess?  Devilol
would be happy to see him in milan Devilol
Looks like Niang is about to join Watford on loan with an option to buy for 16m€. Odd move because we risk that he comes back in 6 months if he doesn't perform. I'd prefer to keep him or a permanent transfer.

Reports say that Milan remain keen on Lucas Ocampos of Genoa despite M'Baye Niang's failure to accept a move to the club.
Has anyone watched much of Ocampos? I can't say I really know him.

I'm a little disappointed at the fees mentioned for Niang, 1m + 16m for permanent feels low, especially given the prices others are going at having proved as much or less.

We've been linked to Luiz Gustavo a lot lately to be signed in the summer. It's said the new owners are keen on him, Keita and Papu Gomez as their first signings.

On Gustavo I'm quite keen, I think he's a good player (one that is often underrated) who would add more physicality to our midfield and defensive solidity. He also offers us options, as an alternative to Locatelli, but can also be used alongside him. He's experienced, not too old (would be 30 when signed) and would give some depth that we're sorely lacking. For a reasonable price, I'd be happy with him joining.

I'm less certain on Gomez, but there's no denying the guy's been superb for Atalanta in the past couple of years. He adds depth to our squad, but I don't see him as a starter if we're looking big. Thing is, with Bonaventura, Suso, Keita (if we get him as planned) and also possibly Bernadeschi or Berardi (if rumours are true), it seems we could risk over inflating the number of wingers/wide forwards in the squad, even if Niang is sold permanently.
If they end up signing him, that will be 17mil in total. It's not all that terrible imo. Ideally, the most we could have gotten for him was 22-25mil I think. This is a little bit less than that, but when you keep in mind that he wants to leave, the club wants him gone, it is only the January transfer window and relations between him and the coach seem to have gone down the drain.....than I am actually not disappointed with the fee.

We also gotta keep in mind that Niang is in that awkward age (22) when he is no longer a young and upcoming exciting talent, and he hasn't done enough to be considered an established great player either. My point is, teams tend to have no problem overpaying big money for these 18/19/20 year old hyped up and coming talents because there is always that thought that they will become greats... just like how they have no problem paying a ton of money for seasoned and established 25+ year olds because they know what they are getting.

22,23,24 year olds though that were not too long ago in that "wonderkid" bracket but have not lived up to expectations (even if there is still a possibility that they realize their potential)...don't normally go for a lot of money and their fees are usually discounted. Look at Memphis for example. Now Niang. El Shaarawy. Pato. Ljajic, etc, etc, etc. The risk is big for these players for both the seller and the buyer. For the buyer....yes there is the chance that these players will grow to their full potential, but they haven't until now so the chance that the trend will continue is just as big. Same for the seller, only that they risk the player losing even more value if the trend continuea.
17-18 for Niang is ok in my opinion. Loan and option is normal in modern football but it is still silly to me .... then again other managements playing the Galliani game shouldn't be surprising.