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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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I hope they somehow include an obligation there. Something that is easily reachable. Maybe for example an obligation to buy if they avoid relegation.
As Reza said (and we all know), this management can't be trusted with anything. If Niang performs, he will be a goner (if Watford was run by snakes like Galliani, they will probably negotiate for an even lower purchase price); if Niang doesn't, we are for sure stuck with him. Then we will probably sell him at 1 million or something and claim a wage saving of $$.

Then we will turn around and buy more mediocre players in the price range of 8-10m each.
Maybe that 1st part will happen.

But the second part no....remember Galliani is gone in a month!! At least he says so....
Sky says
Niang to Watford on loan for €500k with option to for €18m that will become obligatory if he scores 10 goals

Galliani's negotiation skills, lol. Niang scoring 10 goals in less than half a season is...a fantasy that even Niang's parents wouldn't dream of. But hey, it's not Galli's fault, right?
This had better be a joke. 10 goals in less than half a season? Ho many goals has Niang ever scored for us all these seasons?
(01-25-2017, 02:01 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]Has anyone watched much of Ocampos? I can't say I really know him.

I'm a little disappointed at the fees mentioned for Niang, 1m + 16m for permanent feels low, especially given the prices others are going at having proved as much or less.

We've been linked to Luiz Gustavo a lot lately to be signed in the summer. It's said the new owners are keen on him, Keita and Papu Gomez as their first signings.

On Gustavo I'm quite keen, I think he's a good player (one that is often underrated) who would add more physicality to our midfield and defensive solidity. He also offers us options, as an alternative to Locatelli, but can also be used alongside him. He's experienced, not too old (would be 30 when signed) and would give some depth that we're sorely lacking. For a reasonable price, I'd be happy with him joining.

I'm less certain on Gomez, but there's no denying the guy's been superb for Atalanta in the past couple of years. He adds depth to our squad, but I don't see him as a starter if we're looking big. Thing is, with Bonaventura, Suso, Keita (if we get him as planned) and also possibly Bernadeschi or Berardi (if rumours are true), it seems we could risk over inflating the number of wingers/wide forwards in the squad, even if Niang is sold permanently.

Ocampos was a very hot prospect back at Monaco, I was really surprised when we faced Genoa and I heard his name... I had to look him up on Wiki to make sure it was the same player. Apparently he was loaned to Marseille in 2015, then they took up their option to buy him but then Bielsa left as coach and he had a falling out with the new coach so he left to Genoa now in a quickfire move. I would gladly take Ocampos as of right now.

On Niang, I think it's irrelevant to be pondering whether his departure was a good thing or not. Montella's system requires quick passing and technical ability, Niang doesn't fit his system. At the end of the day I always respected and admired part of Niangs game, that is, he had great energy and ran at defenses tirelessly at times and made good use of his strength. With that being said, he was an important player last season because we visibly had no system and we were heavily dependent on individual ability. The only way Niang will fit into a system and break this drought is by going into a team that uses a system which suits his ability. Strong, fast, energetic; perfect fit for the EPL and Watford IMO.

So instead of us reminiscing and rating Niangs ability, some saying he's useless and others saying the opposite, I really think it just comes down to exactly what I've said above. Good player, but not for us and possibly not any top club in Serie A based on their style of play. In England, who knows - best of luck to him.
What we need is simple.Its real simple and its any combination of 

Diego Godin
Ricardo Rodrigues 
Thiago Silva (?)

Douglas Costa


Its that simple 6 minimum.
Wonder why the replacement for Niang is another player from Genoa...

According to the outlet, the Frenchman wants to renegotiate the terms of the deal, moving on a straight loan with no buyout option.