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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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Some people, just people not big sources, claim it is 10 games not goals. I certainly hope so.
that's more reasonable.

maybe they will pull a 9.5 game in the end. Grinundwech
He is not going to score 10 goals in half of a season. And even if by some miracle he does, than great, we get 18mil for him. Sure that in theory, at that point he would be worth a lot more, but the fact of the matter is that he's never done anything near enough with us to warrant a price higher than what we are "selling" him for. If he makes a name for himself elsewhere and his value triples, so be it. I highly doubt that's going to happen though.

Also, I think there is a bigger issue here....which seems to be between Montella and Niang. Something has happened, that's for sure. You don't go from the position that Niang was in (even if he wasn't in great form he was still considered a very important part of this team) to being shipped out over night. The management clearly thinks that it's better for the wellbeing of the team that Niang is away from the group at least for the time being. This stinks like locker-room trouble and a bust up between Niang and the management/Montella/other players. The fact that the club was willing to give him away in pretty much any kind of deal is a big indication of this.
Fassone's target is Insigne once the takeover completed. Hopefully so Smile
I would gladly take one of Insigne and Keita this summer. I may be a minority in this choice, but I would take Insigne over Keita.

My dream summer market would involve a LW, CM, LB, and a CB.
(01-26-2017, 11:46 AM)edysim Wrote: [ -> ]Wonder why the replacement for Niang is another player from Genoa...

Cause with Deolufeu we fulfilled out quota - 1 non-Genoa player per mercato.
I wouldn't worry too much that he is from Genoa. He is only coming to be a back up, and in to be honest, it actually looks like Genoa is doing us a favor. We are not going to find another player with 3 days to go and basically no money to spend. On top of that, he is a very decent player. I saw him for Genoa a few times and I thought he was good. I don't think he was extraordinary or anything like that...but a good, young, and offensively aggressive player that is more capable of stepping in whenever needed instead of Suso or Deulofeu. In all honesty, he is not a downgrade to Niang this year from what I have seen. So I guess it's kind of like upgrading Niang to Deulofeu, and than basically keeping "Niang" as a back up in the form of Ocampos.


It looks like the deal is done. Galliani finished a 2 hr meeting with the agent of Ocampos earlier today and all that was missing was Marseille's OK. Apparently, Marseille's president has now given the 'go ahead' and Milan has booked the player's medical for tomorrow. The first part is from and I saw the second on a twitter feed that was posted on red and black.

btw, I am surprised that Vangioni is still here as there was so much speculation that he will be leaving. Maybe there isn't enough interest in him. Honda on the other hand I think is waiting for his contract to run out so that he can probably just go to the MLS.
Let's open bottle of champagne than ,we again signed player which Genoa decided is not good enough for them ,they signed replacement and got rid of him via Galiani.
I just hope this is last piece of " marvelous Galiani bussines" and that club sell will go on in month and that Galiani will go in dark side of history with his "ideas and connections"...
I would normally agree with you, but this is different. We needed a back up for one of Suso or Deulofeu. Ocampos is exactly that and is more than good enough to be their back up. He will be better at that then the current Niang, and he is definitely more suited to be their back up in Montella's scheme than Honda. This also allows us to keep Bonaventura in the midfield, because now when we need to replace one of the wingers, we don't have to mess around with our midfield also and move Bonaventura there.

I think we have been burned by Galliani's deals with Genoa so many times in the past, that we are not evaluating this deal in itself separately. No matter how you look at it, we have gotten better this January imo.

Look at it this way.....who would we have signed to be a back up for the wingers? Keep in mind we have a budget of close to zero. Giaccherini seemed to be the only other option, but you have to also put in account Napoli, who expressed that they don't want to let him go. I am sure something could have been negotiated, but in all honesty, is there a difference? I would rather the young, explosive, and hungry to prove himself player anyway...
I'm still not convicted. World is large market ,can't be that nowehre egsist more reliable solution for us. Scouts should be doing that.
Anyway ,if he is such a "deal" I guess Genoa would spent their money to reinforce other parts of their side and to keep him...If you already have "great wing Ocampos" in your team and you also have money ,let's than buy a defender or something and with "great wing Ocampos" your team will work like a charm... but instead they decided that he is "weakest link" and his place needs to be covered as soon as possible with better option.