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Full Version: Winter Transfer Window 2017
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Haha Falling=Galliani! Big Grin

Reza, that's what I thought too. Why would anyone take a medical with a club without having agreed terms first? The medical is usually the last thing players do. If they pass that, than they just sign the papers that were probably agreed on and prepared days ago. Nothing makes sense with Galliani anymore....
Hold on, that deal's actually worse. At most Cacares can make 730,000 and that's IF he plays in every left this season from after tomorrow. That's not happening, he'd be lucky to make more than 10 appearances, especially if as reported that he won't be ready for a month. That means he'd almost definitely end up with less than the 700,000 that was rumoured to be the original offer.
lucky we didnt get this waste of money, although we could do with another full back... Why didn't Vangioni get a go?
" Watford 'have decided on Niang' "

Watford have already decided to purchase Niang for €15.5 million in the summer.
(02-06-2017, 02:39 PM)Arildonardo Wrote: [ -> ]" Watford 'have decided on Niang' "

Watford have already decided to purchase Niang for €15.5 million in the summer.

As a form of appreciation will throw in a couple of other players in that 15.5 too Tongue
(02-06-2017, 03:24 PM)Jay Crisp Wrote: [ -> ]Good.

Imagine what we can do with that 15.5 M in the summer.

This is fine with me. If it's true, good luck to him.
Maybe the clause was that they will buy him if he scores 10 goalsSagrin Sagrin
Just saw some news thag Douglas Costa is not happy at Bayern as he doesn't feel like he is an integral part of the squad. He has been rotated with the other attackers this season a lot, and Robben and Ribery seem to have Ancelotti's preference.

If China is real, we should be all over this!!! They bought him for 30mil, and I don't see them asking for too much more than that. Bayern doesn't really force players that don't want to stay, to stay. They also don't mimd accepting a fair value if they decide to part with the player.