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Full Version: Locations and how you found MM
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Hi All,

Just curious to get an idea where everyone's from and how they found MM. I myself am from Melbourne, Australia.

Found this site online. Good old google. Went looking for it after I couldn't find a decent Australan group on facebook.
Well, I found one... But it wasn't decent. Not many people talked on there and the one that did was extremely opinionated and didn't really "discuss" things about the club. haha
Toronto, Canada.

I found milanmania in ancient times around 2000 alongside a few others, the original owner had other football forums. Took me a while to register in the old forum, for a while just read as guest. Gradually became admin when previous owners left the forum.
Hanoi, Vietnam.

I found Milanmania around 2006 when searching for an English forum about Milan. I got here first and glued here after some reading Big Grin
Xiamen, China.

My friend (also Milan fan at that time) first discovered the site in 1999. I was lurking and reading for a while. I signed up in 2000.

There were a few other Milan fan sites that I followed very closely in the past years (I was young and had time and energy), but eventually lost interest (in the sites, not in the team, which may happen in a few years Grinundwech) and stopped attending. MM is the only one I feel attached to. Heart
Jakarta, Indonesia. First found this when Netscape Navigator was still relevant. A regular reader for years, decided it a fun enough of a forum and signed up in 2006 so I can make fun of the its members too Grinundwech
My story is pretty much the same. From the UK, found the site (I think through a search engine) in the late 90s and was reading until 2004 before signing up.
Sarajevo, Bosnia

someone on other non-milan related forum reccomended MM for me. I cant exactly place it in time, but I remember Zlatanov as a moderator, Paolo Inzaghi thread that I tried to revive here Big Grin GianCarlo who tried to convince everybody that Antonelli and Antonini were WC Icon_lol2 and more Smile
Found it on Google a decade odd ago. Kept reading for another half a decade or more before I signed up. Been here since then.
Isn't it funny that our last CL victory was a decade ago, even though I still remember it like it was yesterday?! anyway I remember becoming interested in Milan after the world cup where Milan players excelled and got me watching highlights until eventually I fell in love with the colors. I stumbled upon MilanMania while looking for streams for the first leg of the semi final vs Manchester United, lurked around for a month or two before I decided to register... because why not?
London, England.

I found the forums through a google search for Milan fans website.

Been following Milan since the mid 90s, and hope to experience the atmosphere first hand this season.

Anyone on here follow a second team?
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