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Full Version: Serie B
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SPAL promotes for the first time in 49 years, Hellas back (show me that V, Pazzo)..  who will join them?  Frosinone/Carpi & Perugia/Benevento is left.  I think we'll see Frosinone back, but I'd like to see Benevento as they've never been in first flight.
The fuckin butei are back. Another unnecessary trip to the Bentegodi this season then. I hope we thrash them.
Carpi/Benevento for promotion
Carpi drew Benevento in the first leg. Second leg is at Benevento. Will they promote to Serie A for the first time ever?
Welcome to Serie A, Benevento!

The Witches are in first league football for the first time ever!
Congratulations to them
Ffs Benvento used to be one of our feeder clubs not so long ago. This is quite an amazing fairy tale.
Parma promoted into Serie B, today announced Chinese investors have bought 60% of the club and appointed Hernan Crespo Vice-President.
Hope they make it back to Serie A
So happy for Parma.
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