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Full Version: Been a while.
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Am back to say hello.  I hope to be able to actively post messages and participate.
Welcome back KUI, you`ve been sorely missed!!
I see you're the patrician amongst us. It's probably been for some time now eh?
Good to be back and in very interesting times too!
Like the rest of the world... everything now is "Made in China"! LOL!

Question... Is there a members list in this forum? I would like to see some old guard names if they are still around. I've already noticed a few in the threads but saw no members list.
Kui! welcome back, very good to see you. Not many old guard are around. Like you alluded to in your other post this forum was set up and old one archived ( it will show you were a member since 1999)

Reminds me may be I can enable members list page, have never done it in this new set up, might do it.
Good to be back Brother REZA!  As I posted recently in another forum.... I think my mere presence will change the fortunes of this august team.  I wonder if they'll serve some fried cake noodles at the San Siro now?
Welcome Kui! Good to have you again!
Welcome back, Kui!!!  Okmilan
Welcome back Kui, been ages but great to see you again. Hope all is well.