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Full Version: New Era
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Observing the summer transfer market this year is incredible. Milan is usually very efficient now enough wasteful to buy players. In total there are 8 top players who officially moved to Milan. Musachio, Kessie, Rodriguez, Silva, Borini, Calhanoglu, Conti, A.Donnanrumma, Bonucci and lastly Biglia.
Coach Montella must be very happy with this condition. But on the other hand he is faced with a challenge that is not easy. Having many new players on one team is not easy. Bonucci's arrival reminds us when Milan bought Nesta from Lazio in the past. At that time Milan transformed into a very strong team, because it also filled the winners in other positions such as Rui Costa, Inzaghi, Sevchencho, Pirlo and Maldini. Somewhat different from the current conditions, Milan should really buy quality players to fill almost any position.
Not only that, Coach Montella is also required to choose which formation paing appropriate for next season use. Whether with 4 or 3 defenders. This will obviously affect their next transfer strategy. Whether to re-purchase a creative midfielder or focus on buying strikers and world-class. All Milan fans like us Umroh Murah will miss the quality of the team when reinforced Nesta-Maldini in the back, Pirlo-Seedorf-Rui Costa in the middle, and Sevchenco-Inzaghi up front.
Hopefully Montella does not fate like Fatih Terim, hopefully can repeat even exceeds the success of Carlo Ancelotti. Forza Milan. Okmilan Okmilan Okmilan
Faith Terim. ha ha ha. Incidentally he was well disliked by many at Milanello coz he changed the menu completely and made it super boring, removing a lot of Italian items. And also, he was more interested in watching re-runs of Big Brother than coaching. That guy was funny.
umroh murah ngiklan ha ha ha