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Full Version: UEFA Champions League 2017-18
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The draw for the groups were made today and boy are there going to be some great games. It's interesting as there's no group where a team can easily be identified the favourites, one of the most tournaments I can remember in a very life long time.

Can't wait.

[Image: DIAnIWRW0AEE9oa.jpg]
I think that the change in the seeding rules whereby the team's finishing league position determines their seed has done a good job in providing these groups. Group H looks amazing but then ultimately probably even Real Madrid B would be good enough to win it. Group C looks very balanced but I fear that the matches will be boring. Pep vs Sarri in Group F is basically my footballing dream lol.
but that seeding system also gave us group a,g,e...
No matter how you do it you'll end up with good groups and you'll end up with terrible groups...
Based on the old way you likely would have still had c,h,f(although in a different order) as is...
Ok , Messi is demolishing Juve Big Grin
I can say that all night & still is amusing :lol:
Without Chiellini and Bonucci it is not the same, also Dybala looks more like Higuain than Messi, keeps shooting high, not passing, etc.
Linesman canceled a goal for Barca but I think Alba wasnt offside.
LOL Benatia
What ever happened to Pjaca ?!!!
I wanted him but opted to Juve & it he made a mistake IMO.
Juve have an army or wingers ahead of him.
Seems like Barca got over their bad form quickly & Messi seems unstoppable.
Haven't seen the highlights of the game yet but I'm disappointed in Napoli for not losing against Shakhtar even though Ukraine is a difficult place to go etc etc.

I was surprised to see the Barce result but I guess given the start of the season that both teams have had, it isn't that crazy. Messi was doing Messi things as always and tearing Juve apart. Buffon's positioning on the first goal was a little suspect but the shot was so perfectly placed that he couldn't do much. Second and third goals he was definitely helpless.
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