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Full Version: New Jersey Sponsorship
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Let's wait for some official numbers. I hope that's not true.
Lower numbers is a pity but the Puma shirts will look amazing I'm sure.
(10-15-2017, 10:13 PM)WCmilan Wrote: [ -> ]Lower numbers is a pity but the Puma shirts will look amazing I'm sure.

Yep! I would actually be inclined to accept that for a short term deal... Tops would look good, and if we achieve what we should in the next couple of years, we can then sign a huge deal with either them or someone else. Shitchester has had many years to coax that amount of $$ out of Adidas...
Adidas officially gone! Puma looks to be almost done with an extremely underwhelming figure of 10-15mill. Of course the Puma deal is just unfounded paper talk at this stage...

While I'm extremely excited about having Puma tops, I'm not happy with the poor figure.
Current Adidas gets 19.7 million, new article says new Puma one will be 5 years and better economically, let's hope true.
CCO, Giorgetti commented that the figures negotiated wont be worse tham current deal w Adidas, in fact the new agreement will be better from economic point of view.
YES! More money and Puma! What more could you want...
Wow best of both worlds. Puma kits are beautiful and we're getting more money.

To be fair, I did read some articles saying Puma has seen a surge in profits & sales lately.
Borussia & Arsenal kits are beautiful. I've worn the Arsenal kits for a mens league team I played on (not my decision Big Grin) and they just felt better quality fit and finish.
No trying to be party pooper but the reason Adidas pulled out of the agreement probably because we suck in terms of marketability (no European competition until this year, no major trophy won apart from Italian Super Cup, haven't been a Scudetto contender for years, etc). Our new owner brought enthusiasm initially but even that has died down lately. So why would Puma pay more for such team? It just doesn't make sense.
Adidas had a deal until 2023, so marketability obviously wasn't the issue.

Our(Galliani's) deal with Adidas had a clause that allowed them to break ties if a takeover happens, and they decided to activate it, why though? only they know.
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