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YAY! Just seen the Napoli result! Thanks Udinese! Big Grin
Guidolin article by me:


Roma's new owner has gotten Walter Sabatini has his director of football.

Sabatini was Palermo's cheif of transfers since 2008. Let me give you a run down of his signings.... kjair, nocerimno, hernandez, bacinovic, ilicic, pastore, acquah, pinilla,balzaretti, sirigu

All cheap, all excellent signings.
I think Roma will be the new force in Serie A. Not that they weren't, but they'll be stronger than ever imo.
Inter - Lazio 0-1 Zarate Big Grin
(04-23-2011, 02:27 PM)theaxeofpain Wrote: [ -> ]Inter - Lazio 0-1 Zarate Big Grin

I thought that is end result but I checked the news, it is not. Inter won 2-1 with 10 men. Huh

Lazio can never be counted on. I would rather bet on Cesena next weekend.

Juventus just threw away a victory. Leading 2-0 against Catania, and conceded 2 goals in the last 10 minutes. The final goal came from a free kick at 95th minute. Ha! well, I actually felt bad for them.
Inter score twice in injury time to win 2-1. This could have been the weekend, but Cesena decide to blow it completely.
this was what has been in my mind:

90th minute: yay, we don't even need a win to get scudetto tomorrow (of course, that would partially depend on Napoli). Okmilan

93rd minute: damn, we will now have to win to get scudetto tomorrow. and how long is the added time? Dodgy

95th minute: shit. we will now have to win and get scudetto next week. and we won't get much rest for the second leg of the Coppa Italia. shit. shit. shit. Angry

now: i am gonna swtich and watch chelsea play. Big Grin
Fucking Inter. They know they're not going to win it, but they're still fighting like crazy to postpone our party for as long as they can. God I hate them.