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Quote:Serie B President Andrea Abodi has confirmed his League will support Carlo Tavecchio in the upcoming FIGC presidential election.

The head of the Italian second tier, who spoke to Sky Sport at the unveiling of the 2014-15 Serie B fixture calendar, cites unity between the Leagues and the need for change as key reasons for his preference for Tavecchio over Demetrio Albertini.

“The most important thing is to see the four Leagues find a unity of purpose, something that has never happened before,” Abodi said.

“This shows the desire to work on the modernisation of the system. Simplifications like B teams won’t work.

“Instead, we can work with Tavecchio and the other three Leagues and move forward. From August 12, therefore, we will be happy to collaborate.”

:Facepalm: Facepalm
I already knew that was the case, but all I see there is BS buzz words with no actual argument as to why they support Tavecchio. What does he mean when he says "modernise" and use the term "unity of purpose"? They're totally meaningless unless there's some sort of project to back it up, something which we've not seen or heard about at all from either Tavecchio or his supporters. Then there's this argument against B teams being a "Simplification". What the hell does that mean? It's just a word with negative connotations yet doesn't actually mean anything in the context of the argument. All this does is convince me there's probably some level of corruption involved in Tavecchio's campaign.

In other news, it looks like 9 Serie A teams (including Juve and Roma) will effectively abstain from voting as they aren't convinced with either candidates policies. Hardly a surprise though, as we've been saying here it sounds like there's a lot of items on the agenda without solutions being offered.
So those who support Tavecchio blindly will vote for him while those who are against him are not voting at all? Status quo ftw...
Pretty much by the looks of it. Zamparini says that the Turin clubs tried to convince him to join them and he told them to go to hell. This whole election is a farce, but what else is new in Italian football.
The small clubs in Serie B and C don't want B teams. I can understand their stance as they clearly are not financially powerful enough to have B teams of their they are going to be playing against big teams' B teams which will effectively impact the standings in whatever league they are in. In other words, Milan B can affect the standings in Serie C or Serie B but can not be promoted. So they can beat some teams in that particular league and contribute to them being relegated, while at the same time Milan B doesn't lose anything. Milan just develops their youngsters. In other words big teams have it all to gain here while the small ones only have a couple more problems to worry about and don't gain anything from this idea.
In the end, Italian football as a whole MAY gain a bit in the way that the youngsters are developed within the big clubs, but youngsters will be developed nonetheless. This will essentially help the big clubs.

The small clubs also lose on the opportunity to loan some of the talented young players from the big clubs so now they can't count on that as much (these players will most definitely be playing in their B team) which is an added problem for them.

Anyway, B team idea works for Milan so I obviously want it.....but I can understand why other clubs may not want it.

I find it ridiculous that the 9 teams that are not supporting Tavecchio are also not supporting Albertini. What do they want than? An individualized candidate to suit their individualistic needs? It's ridiculous. It almost sounds as if they actually want Tavecchio, but are unwilling to say that in turn they won't vote for either of the candidates, which in turn basically hands the election to Tavecchio. They must know this. Clearly the candidates will not step down now. It's ridiculous. I just want the season to start and not bother with this political crap anymore.
Are there any teams coming out to support Albertini? Don't tell me that he has got zero support so far. Facepalm
No there are clubs that have said they support Albertini, but not really many. I don't really know what to think about Italian football's future at the moment. It's just the same old bickering that we've seen in the past decade, only this time they just pull BS about unity.

Edit: almost forgot to comment on nefremo's post, which was a very valid point and I think what Mystik was also referring to before. While I understand and accept these concerns, I don't think it's particularly benefiting to the greater good in Italian football to not have methods to develop youngsters. We've been talking a lot about B teams, but does anyone know how the Germans develop the maturity of their youth.
Quote:Carlo Tavecchio has won the FIGC Presidential election after obtaining 63.63 per cent of the votes in the third and final round.

Unlike the previous two rounds, the 71-year-old only needed to secure more than 50 per cent of the vote on this occasion in order to be confirmed as Giancarlo Abete’s successor.

This, as expected, happened as Tavecchio posted a score of 63.63 per cent compared to rival Demetrio Albertini’s 33.95 per cent. This was in addition to his first round and second round figures of 60.2 per cent and 63.18 per cent respectively.

As a result, the controversial candidate will now take his place at the head of Italian football’s governing body, with the appointment of a new national team Coach likely to be top of his list of priorities.

Quote:New FIGC President Carlo Tavecchio says there is no magic formula to rebuild Italian football and has called for clubs to unite together.

The 71-year-old, as expected, was confirmed as the new head of Italian football’s governing body after winning the presidential elections this afternoon.

“I will be everyone’s President,” Tavecchio proclaimed after securing the majority vote he needed in the third and final round of voting.

“Especially for those who legitimately expressed dissent about my candidature. I would like to thank those who have put their faith in me and supported me during the difficult moments.

“Reforms in our system can only be done together. There are no godlike figures here and no one has a magic formula.

“However, there is a culture for work and I invite everyone to abandon their divisions and get to work.

“By August 18, I will present a list of things I have done this week.”

Quote:Milan CEO Adriano Galliani has praised the ‘togetherness’ shown by the different Italian Leagues when voting in Carlo Tavecchio as FIGC President.

The controversial 71-year-old, despite his past comments about limiting the number of African players in Italian football, has this afternoon been elected as the head of calcio’s governing body.

“Virtually all of the teams from Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro and Serie D voted for Carlo Tavecchio, as it was decided at their respective summits,” Galliani told reporters.

“The important thing is the togetherness of the various Leagues in taking this decision. It’s the first time in 30 years that I have seen this togetherness.”

Facepalm Facepalm I'm not even going to wish this racist scumbag congratulations. Let's hope he doesn't muck up the situation any further..
oh well...
just saw this on the other forum.

[Image: BuxSmNuCIAAZB7P.jpg]
The outcome is pretty much as expected, but I do fear that this is it for Italian football, I don't see it recovering anytime soon (not to say Albertini would have saved it, but I think his ideas had a better chance).

Fact is if Italian football goes down the toilet and ends up a third rate league (let's face it, it's second rate already), then quite frankly they just have themselves to blame, Milan included. I feel little sympathy for a nation that condones and votes in people like Tavecchio after the comments he made. I also feel little sympathy for a nation that continues to stick it's head in the sand rather than introspectively and objectively looking at what's happening to the sport and the culture surrounding it in the nation. Much like Brazil, Italy is failing to acknowledge the harsh realities of it's football and without reform and real change, something I have few doubts on Tavecchio not being able to offer, the nation remains a relic in the football world as something that was once great, but has been corrupted and compromised to being a pathetic shadow of it's former glory.

As for Galliani's comments, I can only say it sickens me to see him representing the club. I can't stand it when he makes comments anyway, but seeing him representing Milan in support of Tavecchio makes my stomach turn.