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Well said, Dev. Okmilan
Thanks, but really it was pretty disappointing to write.
Take some time to read this Twitter conversation between A.C. Milan Club NYC and Umberto Gandini talking a bit about the Tavecchio vote.
This guy Umberto Gandini maybe tries to be funny or cute, but at times what he says is at least borderline rude, condescending, and unprofessional. I know that this is not the first time that it happened.
I read it and came away almost solely negative views on the whole matter. Quite frankly the argument barely made sense if I'm honest. Giancarlo with all due respect didn't put forward a positive argument, or rather he worded his points poorly and looked more like he was ranting than making a sound point, even though he was.

Gandini on the other hand wrote utter nonsense, it made no sense. All I got from his response was that he was trying to deflect attention, yet came across as abrasive, out of touch and quite honestly nothing short of stupid. This indicates the lack of transparency within the club and the quite frankly dodgy dealings behind this vote and the general acts of the club.

One thing I'm quite interested in doing is trying to draw more public light to this argument. I was thinking about sharing it with some media outlets, as surely this would gain interest given it's bizarre nature. However, what I really think would be best is to get this sort of stuff to people who can and will question the club directly and make the directors comment on the matter. I'm not just talking about Tavecchio and Galliani's vote, but I'm talking about the generally "offbeat" (read: corrupt) management of the club. I think we need to put pressure on the club and honestly would love to see how we might be able to do it.

Any thoughts?
I am sure that Galliani will successfully bullshit his way out of it. The worst, whoever questions him (I mean, Milan; wait, I mean, him) would be diplomatically but unmistakably labelled as being ungrateful. The best, he will just remain silent/dismissive, and keep praising "Grazie-able Presidente Icon_lol2).

Speaking of which, what happened to the accusation launched by the Curva Sud? Has Galliani formally responded to them? I am wondering.
That's the thing imo, if you have someone prepared to question him and not let him just BS his way around it, then we might learn something. At worst, he'll just end the press questions and refuse to comment, which means there's obviously something dodgy going on at the club.

I get the impression the press just look for quotes from him without trying to understand anything going on at the club. This allows them to speculate and generates press and interest in rumours.
Thought it's worth posting here, but basically Tavecchio is abolishing punishment for regional insults (read the Corriere Dello Sport headline):

Sounds insane to me.
I don't quite get what he is trying to accomplish by doing that. You can cheer your team on without needing to make derogatory remarks about the other team's city. It seems that he is encouraging it..Facepalm

In other news, has anyone seen our Serie A preview via football-italia? I'll link it here as it is quite long:

I'll post my opinion on it a bit later when I have more time.
(08-19-2014, 09:18 AM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]Thought it's worth posting here, but basically Tavecchio is abolishing punishment for regional insults (read the Corriere Dello Sport headline):

Sounds insane to me.

This is just stupid and insensitive. Confused Perhaps we should brace ourselves for whatever may come next, and I don't even want to start predicting. Facepalm