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Napoli lost again! Benitez doing some of his best work yet again..some may think he's a Milan spy Grinundwech
funny how different Napoli all of a sudden turned into since the beginning of this season. first got eliminated from UCL, then two losses out of three manageable games in Serie A.

they do have good quality though, so I will be cautiously happy. Grinundwech
Matri scores two goals for Genoa and Napoli drop yet another two points against Palermo! Maybe this really is our season to sneak into third place..although Inter has been putting in some steady performances so far.
I think 3rd place is very achievable. Defending is a problem for us obviously, but I expect that to get better. Last year we conceded so many goals from set-pieces until Rami came in. We just conceded one again the other day and it just makes you wonder why he's not in there...when you know that teams like Empoli pose the most threat from dead balls/corners/etc. Anyhow, like I said, this can't go on much longer and it can only get better at this point. Once we improve in this department I expect us to fight for 3rd place.

I think the biggest competitors will be Inter and Fiorentina, with Napoli in there if they can get their shit together. Napoli's problem is internal at this point. That CL elimination has killed off any enthusiasm they had and motivation has to be hard to come up for their players now. Benitez will also find it hard to have his team follow his ideas if these same ideas keep failing - which is what's happening now. Like I said before the season started.....I was never impressed with Napoli. As bad as we were last season, we were only 10 points away from them in January last year......and we broke all types of terrible records last year in how bad we were.

I do think that Inter will be a problem this year though, and to an extent Fiorentina, although their pretty football sometimes lets them down and they drop a lot of points against "small" sides. Which this is where we gotta get our points. Beating Juventus would have been great, but really the games against the Empoli's and Genoa's are the ones that will either put us in 3rd position or not.

About Matri, I'm glad he scored two. Maybe Genoa will want to keep him then and we can exchange him for someone in their squad as I still don't know if someone will want to buy him! Sagrin
I really want to share your enthusiasm and optimism..but while I think it is achievable I won't go as far as saying it's VERY achievable. I think we would would need to have our best possible season while also hoping that several other teams underperform. While this is not impossible, I'd say it's more in the realm of unlikely than likely. We do have the benefit of not having to participate in Europe so let's see if we can use that to our advantage.
When Juve beater Milan for 1st place a few yrs ago, nobody thought Juve could challenge Milan that yr. Yet they done it and stayed at the top. Think with some Luck Milan can finish top 3 but it will be hard.
When you see garbage like this you really wonder where Italian football is headed.

Lotito was Tavecchio's biggest supporter and since the latter's come in, he's more deplorable than ever. First it was the BS of going into the national team's dressing room and now this. I despise seeing this guy as much as I despise Galliani. Unsurprisingly they're apparently good friends.
That is absolutely disgusting. Speaking of Tavecchio, I have not heard much from him since his appointment. Where are all these big plans?
(09-27-2014, 04:59 PM)Mystik Wrote: [ -> ]That is absolutely disgusting. Speaking of Tavecchio, I have not heard much from him since his appointment. Where are all these big plans?

The big plan? It is called "getting elected". All is accomplished now. O
It would take time to put ideas into practice. The bigger question for me is whether he does intend to have real change. I heard a lot of noise during his campaign, but didn't feel there was much substance.