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What an awkward situation... Rolleyes
What an excellent way to start the much needed reform for Italian football. Let's vote in a guy who is then immediately banned from UEFA for racist comments. #forwardthinking Facepalm
Farcical really, but not even particularly unexpected. These are weeks where Italian football does my head in, with drama and no substance. The Juve - Roma match was ill tempered with poor officiating, but the aftermath has been ridiculous with the number of controversial comments from people at all levels.

Then there's the drama around Sacchi and Allegri in the past week. Not to say this has been huge, as the English press hasn't covered it at all, but in Italy it's been big, although comical too.

Then this Tavecchio stuff is just ridiculous. His role shouldn't really be one too much in the public eye, yet he's probably now the most famous head of a governing body in football outside of FIFA and UEFA, but for all the wrong reasons.
It's tribalfootball so we know ... but still LOL

Quote:Former Manchester United boss David Moyes is being linked with the Inter Milan job.
Andrea Stramaccioni is doing a good job at Udinese right now. I would not be surprised if Inter wants him back sooner or later.
Cash-strapped Serie B club Bologna are nearing a sale to a North American group.
New York lawyer Joe Tacopina is set to become the club president, with Montreal Impact president Joey Saputo the largest investor.
Tacopina and Saputo will reportedly make an initial investment of 13 million euros ($16.5 million) plus provide a seven million euros payout to the club's previous owners.
Roma is currently playing some absolutely beautiful football and easy dispatched Chievo 3-0 earlier today. Meanwhile, Juve's perfect record has been broken with a 1-1 draw against Sassuolo
Allegri and Sassuolo... Tongue
Fiorentina, Inter and Napoli all dropping points Smile
I'm dropping points, too. In prediction league Sad